Saturday, January 29, 2011

Shirt progress/frustration.

Hello, I need to finish this shirt so that I can go back to sewing things for me! But I'm almost done: All that is left is attaching the sleeves and cuffs, flat-felling a bunch of seams, and then approximately two million buttonholes and buttons. No prob! I'll be done in a flash!

Or, I'll spend the rest of my life working on this never-ending project. One of those two.

Steve periodically stops by to ask when he can wear his new shirt, and my response is usually a low, almost inaudible groan.


Also, yes, I totally jumped the gun on Peter's sew-along, which was dumb because that means I have to figure this damn thing out all by myself.  So I sewed the sleeve plackets to the WRONG side of the sleeve, then CUT the placket open (for the uninitiated, cutting, as opposed to stitching, is IRREVERSIBLE), and was only able to salvage the sleeves by the skin of my teeth. I feel sure that if I had waited to let Peter guide me through the process, this would not have happened, but I am just not that bright.


  1. But think of how much faster you'll sew that *second* men's shirt ;)

  2. That's the thing. It's not taking a long time because it's hard. It's taking a long time because it's ... time-consuming. I'm looking forward to getting to sew something less fussy.


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