Monday, February 7, 2011

Baby curls.

We still have never cut Joe's hair. Because it's curly, you can't tell that it now falls well past his shoulders when it's wet. It's hard to believe that only a year ago, this same baby was bald as a cue-ball. I remember inspecting his bald scalp in the Spring sunshine last year, speculating on whether his hair was reddish like mine. (Answer: No.) There was another phase where he had a major curl-hawk and looked like a Who down in Whoville. But now it's close to attaining baby 'fro status.

Anyway, here's the issue:

Steve doesn't want to cut Joe's hair yet, and I understand why: It's totally awesome and adorable.

On the other hand, Steve generally isn't the one constantly conditioning it and trying to detangle it (because I generally take bath duty). Joe uses quite a bit more fancy salon leave-in conditioner than his father does (Steve also has curly hair; my straighter hair gets limp and oily just thinking about leave-in conditioner). "No More Tangles" simply doesn't cut it for Joe - a thicker formulation is required to keep those locks lustrous.

I've considered just trimming off the long bits in the tub one of these days, but the last time I tried to cut Steve's hair, I gave him a pronounced mullet. After that I came to the conclusion that I really suck at hair-cutting, so I'm afraid I'd botch this up too. It doesn't help that 21-month-olds are not known for sitting still while you go at their heads with very sharp implements - bad things can happen. Worse things than a mullet.

On the other hand, I dread becoming that mother who spends every bath-time ruthlessly ripping through her child's tangles, sadistically muttering "Just one more minute!" as the poor child cries out in pain. (This is exactly how I remember my mother handling my long, fine, wavy hair as a child. But now I realize, it could happen to anyone!)

What to do?

Meanwhile, wow! Look at those beautiful curls.

That hair is just getting longer and longer.


  1. Still have nightmares about gum in my children's hair.derail

  2. Oops, "derail" was the word verification word.

    Dreads! Why didn't I give you nice dreads?

  3. I don't think I would have rocked the dreads, mom. Harpal, maybe. :-)


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