Saturday, March 12, 2011

Look what the mail lady* brought!

*Steve says the politically correct term is "mail carrier."

Early 1960s Pyrex refrigerator dishes! In the Early American series. I chose this series on eBay because it was the cheapest I could find because it's TOTALLY AWESOME! Joe likes that the pattern includes (1) a cat; (2) a rooster. Incentive to make animal sounds is always a plus in Joe's book.

"New" Pyrex

And, what is this? I seem to have bought a matching set of nesting mixing bowls? Ahem. Oops.

"New" Pyrex

Step away from the eBay, Inder. Step away.

Joe's favorite part was the packaging. Which was excellent, by the way. After the mail lady handed me these heavy boxes, I turned around, stepped back into the house, tripped, fell, and ate hardwood. But the Pyrex was fine. Whew!

Joe enjoys the packaging.


  1. These are beautiful! JEALOUS. Really, really beautiful, and yeah, the pattern is super kid friendly. (Things that never would have occurred to me two years ago.)

  2. It's supposed to a colonial motif, I think, so of course Steve was like, "I get the eagle and the corn, and maybe even the rooster, but what's so colonial about cats and salt and pepper shakers?" :-)


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