Thursday, March 10, 2011

New toys.

Joe loves to make animal noises, and we are working hard to encourage him to make more sounds generally, so I recently ordered some "jumbo" animals for him to play with. Poor kid doesn't have many stuffed animals in his life, because they tend to get eaten by dogs.

They came in the mail yesterday, and ... wow. He loves them. We've spent all morning moving animals around, making animal sounds, and making the animals eat cheerios. Already, Joe is saying a new animal sound - crowing like a rooster - and making the baby sign for monkey for the first time!

I've always been a proponent of "less is more" when it comes to children's toys, but it is amazing what the right toy can do to spark a child's interests. And it's hard to express the feeling of delight I get when I see Joe excited by a new toy. Now I understand why parents shower their children with new toys! I get an even bigger rush than when I buy a new dress for myself!

The herd recently gathered on the computer table to watch some YouTube, eat a snack, and take a few sips from a sippy-cup.

Joe with his new animal toys.

Joe and animals.

This is the face Joe makes when he is meowing like a cat. I guess a "meow" sounds sad to Joe? Like a cry? Because he always makes a sad face when he meows. It's one of those painfully cute things that you know you will feel nostalgic about in about five minutes.

This is the face he makes when he meows like a cat.


  1. I know, the sad meow face! So much precious emoting! I think Joe is just a dog person and feels sorry for cats. (And, hey, I'm impressed he doesn't think he IS a dog and start barking every time he sees cats. That might confuse the speech therapist...)

  2. The meow face is astonishing and wonderful. Almost as astonishing is the fact that you caught it on film -- that's hard! I can never catch anything Miles does, like when he is signing something. What's your secret?

  3. Feeding them cheerios? Sounds like symbolic play to me. Delightful.

  4. Melissa: Luck. Sheer, wonderful luck. Also, coaxing.

    E: Definitely! After that eval, I'm trying to encourage it more.


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