Friday, April 15, 2011

Golden Gate Singing Necessities: A "Dress" Apron.


With the 7th Annual Golden Gate Sacred Harp Singing* coming up in a week, two extremely important questions are weighing on my mind: (1) What will I wear? (2) What will I cook?

(And coming in distant third: What song(s) will I lead? Priorities.**)

So, first things first, what should I wear? The (unspoken and certainly not mandatory) dress code for Sacred Harp singings is, as they used to say, "Sunday Best," or "dress as you would dress for church." But of course, hardly anyone dresses up for church anymore and the term "Sunday Best" has lost its meaning. So, in simpler and less archaic terms: Wear whatever you like, but ... *cough cough* ...  you won't find many better occasions for wearing a nice dress (or shirt and tie) than a Sacred Harp singing. Do with that information what you will.

In the spirit of the resourceful, hard-working folks who kept the Sacred Harp tradition alive in the South for a century, I think I will go home-sewn this year and wear my "Learning Curves" dress. It seems like an appropriate choice for a Springtime singing on the eve of Easter.

So that's settled, leaving me to obsess about accessories.

Since hospitality and "dinner on the ground" is such an important part of singing events (again, think Southern church potluck absolutely overflowing with delicious dishes), my mind immediately turned to ... you guessed it ... an apron!

I am currently reading Inside the Victorian Home: A Portrait of Domestic Life in Victorian England, where I have learned that in Victorian England, middle-class housewives usually had several aprons. For dirty tasks, they used a simple apron made of coarse, sturdy materials. But for lighter housework and serving guests, they donned a "dress" apron. Some very well-to-do women even used a separate "fancy work apron" for "fancy work" like embroidery

(Unfortunately, my Google searches for "dress apron" only came up with dresses that look like aprons. Sigh. That's called a pinafore or jumper, not a "dress apron," people. What is the world coming to? )

While I don't think I need an apron especially for sewing fancy baby pants (I prefer to sew in my pajamas), I like the idea of having a "dress" apron for nicer times when I am playing hostess. My "everyday" apron is functional, but a bit ratty.

Okay, really? I just needed an excuse to sew myself an apron just like the one I did for Rebecca, using the Decades of Style "Protect and Serve" pattern. Now, Rebecca and I can both wear our aprons to the singing! And be unbearably matchy! Won't that be great? (Barf.)

So that's what I'm working on right now. A "dress" apron (in un-fancy fabrics reminiscent of Depression-era feedsacks) to wear over my dress while I help with food at the Golden Gate Singing. Yippee!

Next: What should I cook?

* More information about The Sacred Harp and shape note singing may be found here. More information about the Golden Gate Singing may be found here. Come on down! No singing experience required!

** Priorities shamelessly stolen from Rebecca. But you see, I just agreed so heartily!


  1. You stole my priorities ;)

    I'm so psyched you're wearing your homemade dress. I'm also trying to pin down accessories, but I found a dress today! At Lauren's closet! It's similar but not identical to this one.

  2. I know, I totally stole your priorities. I should cite my sources. :-) Yay! Cute dress!

  3. I keep meaning to make myself a really nice apron - great that you have an excuse to make one :) And I'd love to hear some of your harp singing, but sadly, I'm a long way from there!

  4. Hi Rachel! I'm sure you can come up with SOME excuse to make yourself an apron! I didn't find it too difficult!

    I see from your bio you are in England. There is Sacred Harp singing in the UK, although I have never made it out there for any. Anyway, it's all over the place!

  5. Did you decide what to cook yet? And when can we see apron photos?

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