Thursday, April 7, 2011

How not to make an internet tutorial, part 2.

Continued from part 1.

Step 16. Make pants. Do not document this process in any way.

Step 17. Talk about how cute they turned out.*

New shorts, front.

Love that Oliver + s Sailboat Pants pattern! It's so cute, right? I'm a total convert to these patterns. In fact, I just ordered their Sketchbook shirt and shorts pattern. Shhhh. Please don't tell my husband. I sort of fell off the ol' sewing budget wagon last week. Oh. Hi Steve! I promise I won't buy any more sewing stuff for at least this month. Ahem.

And I love the bright red buttons. Thanks Andrea (my consultant in all things sewing), for getting me out of my brown button rut. Next time: lime green.

New shorts, back.

The shorts turned out too big. I need to cinch up the elastic a bit more. The Gap pants were an awesome source of fabric, though. It has a slight stretch, but is simultaneously super crisp. It holds a press perfectly, yet doesn't wrinkle (much)? Awesome!

Posing by the fireplace.
Joe's "Blue Steel" look

And they are too long. Not so much "shorts" as "clamdiggers."I wonder if they'll be a little shorter when I tighten up the waistband ...

Posing by the fireplace.
(This pose reminds me of an old portrait. He just needs a sword or walking stick.)

Yeah, okay, they're definitely too big! Shoot! But Joe will fit in great with the Oakland gangsters, whose shorts are so baggy, they have to be held up (a gesture that always reminds me of a Victorian woman gathering up her skirts) in order to walk.

Whatever. I love them.

* Sorry folks! I don't think I'm cut out for this whole internet tutorial business!


  1. Oh man, he TOTALLY needs a sword or a walking stick in that last one. Amazing.

  2. I actually pictured him with a monocle. Cute pants BTW.


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