Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Leprechaun shorts.

Whew! The 7th Annual Golden Gate Singing was FANTASTIC, but I am still in recovery. I need another weekend to recover from my weekend and nurse this tickly cough that I've acquired.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any photographs of my dress OR my apron OR my shoes OR the giant pot of macaroni and cheese that I whipped up for the singing. Apparently I was too busy actually singing (and, okay, eating). I've been trolling Facebook hoping someone else got a photograph ... I'll let you know.

Green shorts.
Cute shorts: Easy. Getting Joe to stand still for a photo: Not easy.

Sometime after the apron, but before the singing, I made yet another pair of shorts for Joe, from yet another Oliver + s pattern, the Sketchbook Shorts. These are incredibly easy and fast, and I fully expect to bore y'all to tears by making a gazillion of them.

This first pair is in a bright kelly green heavy-ish cotton (almost a light canvas). The pockets are "real" but the button fly is "mock." It's such a classic cut - it reminds me of British school boys with knee socks and red, scraped up knees. Although, in bright green, it has more of a leprechaun vibe.

See what I mean?

I learned something: Joe is a size 2T, not 3T, which explains why the Sailboat Pants I've made him (in 3T) are all falling off of him, whereas these are just perfect. But of course, this means he'll probably grow out of these shorts in less time than it took to sew them up, which is a bittersweet experience to say the least (ask me how I know this). So I can't decide if I'll size up the next pair ...


  1. Adorable!!! Nice work, especially getting the little-ish one to hold still of the great photo. There is always "half" sizing them up ;)

  2. lovely! That's a great pattern isn't it. I find shorts often fit my boys for years - if they have a bit of elastic in the waist, they can just keep getting a bit shorter in the leg.