Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Playing in the non-garden.

Thanks to the never-ending rain, which seems to start punctually every Friday and continue through Monday, our garden is pathetically behind schedule. We have some nice looking sprouts, but we haven't planted them. And right now, we only have two mangy, spindly tomato plants in the ground. Two plants is definitely not enough to fill our cupboards with home-canned tomatoes to last us through the winter. Also, one of them is a cherry tomato (and the idea of parboiling and skinning tiny tomatoes does not fill me with canning enthusiasm). And after Steve perhaps overzealously pruned the tree that overhangs our backyard, there seems to be no end to the piles of scrap wood everywhere. Basically, it's a mess. A sodden mess.

So. Yeah. Not doing so good in the gardening department. Apparently I am going to have to learn how to garden cheerfully in the rain, like the English. Shudder.

But in the meantime, here is some water-wasting toddler cuteness, in slideshow form. Enjoy!

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