Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Two years ago ...

... Steve and I decided to go to Golden Gate Fields race tracks for Sunday "Dollar Day." Not because we are horse aficionados. Or gamblers. Nope. Just because I was nine months pregnant, one day shy of my due date, in a lot of discomfort, and IN DIRE NEED OF DISTRACTION. Cheap distraction.

And the rest is history ... perhaps the sound of pounding hooves brought on labor? Or it could be just that Joe is a punctual chap, arriving right on his due date.

Wow, it's hard to believe that Joe will be two years old tomorrow! You know that cliche about how the time just flies by? There's a reason it's a cliche, folks: it's true. Sniffle.

Joe's profile.
Spring = bug bites.

For Joe's birthday, we are taking a road trip down to Yosemite, followed by a visit to family in Fresno. So I'll be offline for a couple of days, but I'll be back soon - with photos! Of a two-year-old!


  1. Happy birthday to your curly-headed Taurean cutie!

  2. Happy bday buddy! God I want his hair.


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