Sunday, June 5, 2011

Back to the Oakland Zoo.

Remember when we went to the zoo last year? On that trip, fifteen-month-old Joe couldn't be bothered with most of the large animal exhibits (alligators napping in the shade just didn't do much for him), and we didn't even make it to the lions, tigers, elephants, and giraffes. He got the biggest kick out of the goats at the petting zoo and the lizard exhibit - places where he could see the animals up close and personal. Oh, and park benches. He loved the benches.

Well, this morning we took Joe back to the Oakland Zoo, and it was a very different experience. What a difference ten months makes!

This time, Joe insisted on walking, by himself, most of the time. (This child does not like to hold hands. I am currently trying to teach Joe to hold hands when he crosses a street or in parking lots, but it usually ends up with him dropping to the ground like a rock in protest, and me throwing him over my shoulder, kicking and screaming, and carrying him across the street like a sack of flour. To think this child used to be super clingy!)

I don't need no stinkin' stroller.

Walking on his own.
See how wet his pants hems are? Puddles are FUN.

This time, we made it up the hill to the big animals, and Joe loved the giraffes!

Joe and giraffe.

Joe watches the giraffe.
See ya later, parents.

And the elephants!


Joe pointing at elephant.
I was not able to capture the frantic ASL signing of "elephant" on film.

And the baboons!


Fun with fences.
Which is cooler, the monkeys or the fence?

But some things don't change. Like goats. It's hard not to love these goats. They're so cute and friendly!

Joe and mini-goat.
Dang, those little goats are cute.

Almost as cute as my lil' guy, but not quite.

Joe and goat.
Oooh, a big goat!

When I told Joe to be more gentle with the big goat (no ear or tail yanking), he decided to throw a tantrum in the soft straw.

Tantrum in the straw.
But the ears are the best part, mama!

Luckily, he was quickly distracted by how neat the straw is. I tried not to think too much about all of the goat turds and who knows what else in the straw. After the "don't yank ears" tantrum, I wasn't in the mood to deal with the "don't play with poopy straw" tantrum. I take the parenting advice to "choose your battles" very much to heart.

Huh? I was upset? STRAW!

But Joe's very favorite part of going to the zoo? Stomping in puddles, of course. And park benches.


  1. Great photos! Choose your battles - yes, very wise.

  2. So adorably cute! I haven't taken my little guy to the zoo in ages, and this post gives me motivation to go again, as yes, it will be a totally different experience.


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