Sunday, June 12, 2011

More Celebrate the Boy, San Francisco Summer edition!

I made Joe another t-shirt using the Tee for Two pattern, this time with long sleeves (again, very appropriate for Summer in our neck of the woods).

I thought the combination of stripes and day-glo orange knits would make this top "fun" and "bright." But the end result looks more like Crusty the Clown vomited on my child. It's fascinating to me how, no matter how long you've been sewing, no matter how good your "eye" is, you really have no idea how something will look until you're done. Sometimes I imagine "bright" and end up with "hurts my eyes." This would be one of those times.

It would be hard to lose Joe in a crowd in this top, that's for sure! (Of course I had to combine the crazy top with bright green shorts, adding to the visual cacophony. I like green.)

New t-shirt.
Fun, bright, and painful to look at for more than a couple of seconds.

Oh, no, not again!
Oh, no, not the dirt hole again! (It's "shorts weather" only if you are a British boy who attends public school.)

Back in the hole.
Yep. The dirt hole.

Dirty shorts.
Dirty Leprechaun shorts.

New t-shirt.
Well, if anyone could pull this off, it's Joe.

Okay, maybe I do love this shirt after all! Joe looks so cute in everything, even clown vomit.

I'll be boring y'all to tears with raglan t-shirts, I can just feel it. Check out the great details that Made by Rae incorporated into hers recently! I'm loving sewing with knits - there's hardly anything to fit, for one thing. I don't know what took me so long.

So for my next one, what about kelly green and day-glo orange? Those seem to be my favorite colors for baby clothes, might as well embrace it.


  1. I love the shirt! I don't think it looks excessively bright, either. Definitely fun.

  2. I love it! I would be making another straight away with the stripes on the sleeves and orange on the body. Love the dirt hole, too :-)

  3. I agree, not too bright at all! Especially when covered in dirt...


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