Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Vintage Singer Buttonholer.

Look what I got on eBay for only $7.49! A vintage Singer buttonholer attachment! I hear that these things make beautiful buttonholes, and I am sorely in need of beautiful buttonholes, let me tell you.

Vintage Singer Buttonholer

How does it work? Great question! I have no absolutely earthly idea. Do you?

Vintage Singer Buttonholer

It looks like a vintage stapler mated with a mutant robot-alien, doesn't it? I haven't even sorted out what part of this thing attaches to my machine. This should be fun. Stay tuned. (Seriously, I'm not even sure it will work with my machine, but for $7.50, and without much description or a clear photograph, I just closed my eyes and bid. And then I won. Oops.)


  1. Oh, yay yay yay! It should attach like a walking foot, if you've ever put one of those on. The two-pronged bit slips onto where the screw holds your needle in, which then works the arm of it up and down as you stitch. There's another part that you attach like you would attach any other foot. The templates go in the bottom (um, before you attach it to your machine). If you have feed dogs that drop, you might not need to use the feed dog cover, which is a flat plate that screws on to cover the feed dogs if necessary. You clamp your fabric in the buttonholer by lowering the presser foot lever and... go slowly! (I've broken a few needles going too fast). The buttonholer moves the fabric around, as opposed to the needle moving. You can kind of see how it works before attaching it by turning the dial thing on the top. You can adjust the stitch width at the side of the device. Is that completely confusing? I think there's a video I sew somewhere on the net about using one... Google might help! Have fun :-)

  2. I found this:
    Hope it helps!

  3. Thanks! Well, I spent last night fiddling with it and doing internet research, and determined that it is a "low shank" model and of course, I need a "slant shank" model. Drat.

    I also figured out that it's probably worth more than $7.50 if I want to resell it, though!

    And of course, I bought the model that will work for my machine, which comes in a space-aged pink bullet case, for $25. Because having watched 5 million tutorials on the internet, now I "need" one, of course.

  4. my mom totally has one of these lying around that goes with her sewing machines (which was her mom's). btw i thought of you this past weekend when i was in portland and in thrift stores and there was TONS of vintage pyrex. i didn't buy any, but i strongly considered it.


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