Sunday, July 24, 2011

A little weekend sewing.

I love sewing clothes for Joe. It's so easy! And fast! And he's a very uncritical audience.

First up, yet another Tee for Two for Joe. That brown stripe came from one of my old t-shirts, and it's incredibly soft. The little bicycle comes from my little stash of Echino Japanese prints.  I had to do the long sleeved version when I discovered that I could fit the entire long sleeve piece into the sleeve of my shirt (so little waste!), making this yet another "Summer in San Francisco" item.

Tee for Two, bike edition.

Bike tee.

Joe says "bike" now, which is pretty adorable. Joe is a great lover of all things with wheels - steam engines, garbage trucks, NASCAR, forklifts, and bicycles.

You know what else he says now? "No." Of course, he had many other ways of conveying the concept before he learned to say the word. Including his own, unique, patented sign, a hand held over his mouth. That started out as a way to say, "No way am I going to eat those disgusting green things, I don't care if they look like little trees," and expanded to mean just "No way" in a variety of contexts. Even so, there is something different about hearing him declare "NO!" to every single question you pose. I'm beginning to wonder if his speech delay was really a blessing in disguise, as many of my friends joked.

Anyway.  I also made Joe some "Basic Pocket Pants" from Growing Up Sew Liberated. I loved the version in the book, which is made from denim and uses the wrong side of the fabric for contrast. So simple!

Growing Up Sew Liberated pocket pants.

I liked it so much, I decided to blatantly copy it.  Not very original, I know, but, well, I was just so taken with it! I used a very soft, lightweight black chambray (wait, can chambray be black or is it always blue? hold on a sec ... oh, okay, it can be any color), using the lighter side of the fabric for the contrast pocket binding, waistband, and cuffs.

Pocket pants.

Once again, I cut a size 2T (the smallest size for this pattern) and the pants came out a bit on the large side. They fit great around Joe's waist and bottom, but they are a bit long. I sewed these after Joe went to bed last night, so I didn't get a chance to check the length on him before I sewed the cuffs on. Even so, it would be really easy to go back and fix the length, but Joe is growing so fast these days, I don't think I'll bother. All of his other pants are chronically too short, so it's refreshing to have to roll up his cuffs for a change. If I make another pair, I will cut them a little shorter.

Pocket pants.

Basic pocket pants, rolled up.

Of course, when I asked him whether he wanted to wear his new pants, he said "NO!" Somehow I wrangled him into them anyway. So scratch that bit about him being an "uncritical audience."

Ooh. I really like these little jeans. Super easy, super cute. Now that I've come to the conclusion that the sizing in this book is just a bit large, I am thinking that the size 24 months envelope tee might be perfect for Joe right now.  And large sizing means that these patterns will have a longer life as Joe grows and grows and grows, so that's awesome.

Yesterday, Joe and I visited our friend Ida, and she cut our hair. I just got a trim, but Joe got a real haircut!

Joe's new haircut!

I'm still getting used to it. I know his curls will grow back before we know it, and in the meantime, this will be a lot easier to take care of! (Neither Joe nor I enjoy the process of combing out his rat's nest of tangled curls every night.) But the change - from Rafaelite cherub to 1950s boy - is pretty profound! I keep expecting him to say, "Gee wiz, Mom!" He looks so grown up with shorter hair.  Less baby and more little boy.

Which he is, of course.

However hard it is for me to admit it.


  1. You have been busy! Those denim pants look fab. And yes, curls do grow back, and sometimes it is nice to see more of their little faces for a while :-)

  2. After a couple hectic weeks at work, I was just itching to do some sewing!

    It is nice to see more of his little face - good point, Jane! And it's so easy/breezy for summertime. By this winter, his curls will give his ears a bit more insulation, I'm sure. :-)


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