Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pocket shorts & envelope tee.

I sewed the shorts, and the summer did come. Eventually. But remember those green stripey O + s shorts I made for Joe? I can't find them anywhere. They could be under a pile of crap in the car, or they could have gotten mixed in with Dad's laundry (a notorious black hole), or, unfortunately, this is the most likely possibility: they might have been in the diaper bag that Dad left at the A's Stadium by mistake.* Oops.

Well, hopefully they'll turn up (if not, I do have more of that green stripe). But in the meantime, Joe needed some more shorts. Joe and I are traveling to Denver next weekend, and Summer in Denver is a lot more summer-like than Summer in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Yeah, yeah, I know you can get toddler shorts at Target for like $4. Whatever. That's no fun.

I couldn't wait to make another pair of the "Basic Pocket Pants" from Growing Up Sew Liberated.  Why not try Pocket Shorts?

I rummaged in the stash and found two small pieces of linen (note to self: buy less floral quilting cotton and more solid colored linen). With some effort, I was able to eek a pair of shorts out of these scraps.

End result: My eyeballs are burning with cuteness.

Pocket Shorts.

Pocket shorts.

I used a narrow binding on the legs rather than the wide pants cuff, and I love the way it turned out. I'm sad to see the last of that mustard linen go, though (note to self: buy more mustard colored linen). Mustard is a surprisingly appealing and practical color, it turns out.

And now, for a slightly less successful sewing project ...

I tried the "Envelope Tee" from Growing Up Sew Liberated as well, using soft recycled knits. This pattern only goes up to 18-24 months, so I lengthened it a bit (I could have lengthened it more). I also very inexpertly applied the ribbing to the top. The fabrics are super soft and comfy, but the knits don't "recover" very well. Joe also seems to enjoy yanking on the neckline of this one.

End result: A shirt straight out of Flashdance.

Flashdance tee.
Those are his Sew Liberated PJ bottoms too.

I think with different fabrics and a few minor alterations, this could be an awesome t-shirt for Joe. This version, however, will be consigned to the PJ drawer. We might also break it out for 1980s dance sessions.

By the way, trying to get Joe to pose for a photo these days is dang-near impossible. There was a time when he would grin, ham it up, and pose like a narcissistic male model the second he saw the camera. Those days are over. Nowadays, half of my photos look like this:

What half of my photos look like.
Cute shorts, huh?

And the other half look like this:

I hate cameras.
I hate cameras. And I want milk.

* ETA: We found the green stripey shorts! In the drawer where they are supposed to be! After my groundless public accusation of Steve, it seems only right that I publicly apologize. Sorry, hon, they were totally hidden by the overalls!


  1. Whew, so glad you found the stripey shorts! I have no idea where Maeve's ridiculously adorable little skirt has disappeared to (possibly got left in Mendo over 4th of July), but at least I can go to Target and buy another one. Losing handmade stuff is heartbreaking.

  2. Oh, and totally agree about mustard. It looks great on him!

  3. Yeah, I try to be zen about it - I make a lot of Joe's clothes, so something's bound to get lost or ruined, because that's how it is with small children. But then I was thinking about all the effort I took to make those dang stripes match up! I was pretty glad to see them again. Also, as much as long the pocket shorts, that O + s pattern has the best fit of any of the pants/shorts I make for Joe.

  4. That would be "love" the pocket shorts.

  5. "What a feeeeliiiing..." actually yeah I can see that would be a good t-shirt with something more lycra-behaving for the ribbing.
    Isn't store-bought stuff for kids so not fun? Andy keeps saying Clem needs jeans since all he has is altered old trackies. I think I need to try that pocket pants pattern quick, before Andy just goes to Target. Love the pocket shorts with contrast trim!

  6. Those shorts are super cute! I have been toying with making Ava some shorts or capris from that pattern and now I might have to add it to my to-sew list.

  7. Those are super! Man, I gotta get back to my sewing machine one of these days. Your outfits are super inspiring.

  8. Oooh, I love the yellow contrast! Would you mind if I shared the close-up photo of the pants and linked to your blog in an upcoming round-up post of what folks are making with my patterns? Warmly,

  9. Hi Meg! Oh, wow! I'd be honored! (I'm a big fan of your blog & patterns, btw.)


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