Monday, August 15, 2011

Child labor.

Poor Joe.* I made him scrub the kitchen floor.

Indentured servitude. I should be ashamed.

As far as Joe was concerned, dipping the brush in the soapy water was the best part.

As you can see, Joe grimly decided to make the best of it.  He insisted on taking the "big" utility brush, leaving me to scrub the floor with a tiny nail brush. So much for "child-sized" versions of adult tools, huh? (Eventually, I negotiated an exchange - I let Joe carry the bucket from spot to spot, and he gave me back the big brush. Can you imagine scrubbing the whole kitchen floor with a nail brush? I think there are whole Greek myths that revolve around tasks like that. So yes, there were some spills, but they were well worth it.)

That teeny weeny spot got very clean.

Also, yes, I scrubbed the floor in a dress. In retrospect, not the best choice, but you know how it goes: I decided to scrub the floor and I happened to be wearing a dress. When that type of motivation strikes, you don't want to risk that it will dissipate while you change into pants.

I'm not sure the floor looks that much better, but I know in my heart that it is cleaner, and that's something.

Am I the only one who finds mopping to be a completely useless exercise? You have to scrub to really get the dirt out and no mop really has that much traction.

What was that you just said? It's because I do it so infrequently?


* I made yet another Patterns by Figgy's "Tee for Two" shirt a couple weeks ago, before we left for Denver, and Joe's wearing it here. I skipped the exposed seams on this one, and I like the different look.


  1. Poor little Joe, just wants to go to the ball and meet Cinderella... or something....
    I do a small bit of cleaning most days so the choice would be either a) wear crap all the time or b) clean in something kind of pretty and I choose mostly b. And don't clean too hard or I might mess up my clothes....

  2. Oh my, this is so me! Rarely mopping...but on some freak occasion crawling all over the whole kitchen scrubbing it with a rag in hand thinking it doesn't work so well with a mop anyhow. Hmmmm...methinks you're right. Perhaps if we mopped more often? :)

  3. RosieDreams: It's just something I've heard - that if you mop a couple times a week, you need to scrub less because dirt doesn't get ground in. Goodness knows, I have no personal experience.

  4. I broke down and finally hired someone to do the cleaning, because I am a failure as a human being. (Also, I killed my car and that has saved me tons of money!) Anyhoo, think Joe might do it for a little less than the gal I hired? ;P Those cheeks! Good lawd, those cheeks!


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