Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pillowcase Clothespin Apron.

I haven't sewn much this past week, but I did take a little time on Sunday to test a pattern for my new bloggy friend Jeannie at Life on the (Clothes) Line. After I posted about Nanny's recipes last week, I sent a quick email to Jeannie to let her know that I thought her series on her great-grandma's recipes was awesome. Since then, we've exchanged a bunch of emails, and we have tons in common: sewing, an appreciation for history and old-timey stuff, clotheslines, cute kids. It's hard to believe I've only known her for a week!

So I was very honored to test her pillowcase clothespin apron tutorial. It's super easy to put together, requires only one pillowcase and thread, and leaves almost no scraps.

Pillowcase Clothespin Apron

I used a yellow printed pillowcase that I suspect is a cotton/polyester blend. That's perfect, because I prefer to sleep on 100% cotton so I could repurpose this with no qualms (wash and wear!). Because I have a pathological inability to follow directions to the letter, I omitted some of the topstitching that Jeannie uses (also, my bobbin case was giving me some trouble, making topstitching a pain in my rear). It's a pretty subtle difference, though.

Here I am modeling it with my Colette Violet Blouse.

Pillowcase Clothespin Apron

It's a really fun project, suitable for rank beginners. And the end result would be perfect for holding clothespins while you hang your laundry to dry, or for holding bits and bobs while you sew or craft, or for harvesting shelling beans and cucumbers from the garden. Go check out the ones that Jeannie made! (She's also selling completed aprons in her Etsy shop.)

In other news, I might be getting a new sewing machine, thanks to my sweet and thoughtful husband!! And by new, I mean, new. I've never had an actually new sewing machine, I've only ever had new to me sewing machines, so this is a big deal. While vintage machines have served me really well over the years, I am not deaf to the siren call of a stretch stitch (other than zig-zag), invisible zipper foot, and decent buttonholer! (And I don't know - a bobbin casing without a spur that tangles up my thread and ruins my topstitching might be nice too.) Stay tuned!


  1. Eek, yes, the notion of a proper stretch stitch almost has me thinking of the benefits of a new machine. It's the aesthetics that put me off, isn't that shallow? Actually I've been dreaming about a coverstitch machine but that seems a bit too specialist. Cute apron. I found myself wearing an apron with a big pocket to hold seed packets while planting in the garden the other day. This would work a treat.

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