Thursday, September 1, 2011

First project on the New Sewing Machine!

Yes, yes, yes, folks! I have a new sewing machine! It's a new Singer, the "Sew & Go." (And yes, Steve bought it on HSN.) It has many bells and whistles that I may never use, but it also has many, many features that I have been wanting and will actually use. And, it fits in my sewing table! Wow! Thanks, honey!

New Singer!
It fits in my vintage table?!!

Why is it loaded up with pink thread, you ask?

Ice Cream dress.
First project with the new machine, on the clothesline!

Because I decided to break it in with a fun, tried-and-true, pattern: the Ice Cream Dress, from Oliver + s. Believe it or not, although I have made the blouse several times, I had never tried the dress. This is view A, with pockets. Omigosh. The Pockets. So cute, right?

Ice Cream dress detail.
Seriously can't get over those pockets.

This little dress is destined for my niece Helen. My sister Krishna loves to see her in pink, and I just happened to have some pink fabric, and it matched this blue floral vintage fabric, and ... yeah, super cuteness. It's too bad that everything for girls is pink these days, because pink is a perfectly lovely color, but it's hard not to get tired of it when that's all you see. (My resistance to making pink things for girls is especially silly since I have a huge amount of pink and girly florals in my fabric stash, I am certainly not going to wear them, and I gave birth to a little boy.)

Ice cream dress back.
Here's the back.

It was really fun. I'm still getting a feel for the new machine, but so far, so good. I'm totally going to lose my vintage-machine-cred, huh? Ah, well, I think I'll survive.


  1. I admire your patience for reading the manual before immediately sewing something on your new machine. I lack such restraint. Love, love, love your ice cream dress!

  2. The dress is cute! And your vintage machine was "new and improved" to someone at some time.

  3. I love that your new machine fits into your old Singer cabinet! That's cred enough I reckon. And oh, that dress is soooo cute. The fabric combo is divine.


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