Wednesday, September 21, 2011


  1. My Etsy shop has been everything I feared and hoped for. Which is to say, (1) I'm actually selling stuff!; and (2) It's a lot of work! But I am already feeling invigorated by my smaller, more precious stash, and of course, a little extra money is wonderful. It's funny, though: As soon as someone makes an offer on a piece of fabric, I feel immediate resistance to selling it and imagine all of the great things I could do with it. "No way! That's my favorite piece!" It turns out that Joe and I are not that different after all - the toy that your friend is playing with is always the best one. So far I have overcome these feelings by reminding myself that I will use the money to buy new fabric, which will hopefully not sit in my stash for a decade.
  2. Joe's favorite words are currently "yellow" and "no." This means that if you ask him if his favorite color is yellow, he'll say "No!" but don't believe that for a second. The rest of time, when he's not saying "no!,"  it's "yellow flower!" "yellow truck!" and "yellow train!" all. day. long.
  3. It's hot! This is a big deal. Yes, our house really heats up on hot days, but we don't care, because the feeling of being warm is so novel. I've spent this summer in my shearling slippers.
  4. We have fresh ripe garden tomatoes (see above re: heat)! Too many of them! I spend 11 months of the year longing for fresh homegrown tomatoes and the other month trying to pawn them off on my friends because I'm sick of them. And yes, I see the irony in this. Have you listened to the Garrison Keillor skit, "Tomato Butt"? No? You should. He says it so much better than I do.
  5. My brother has been staying with us for the past couple weeks, and he's awesome. I am blessed with incredibly intelligent family members who constantly challenge me. In a good way!
  6. I have sewn something! Two boring pairs of PJ shorts for Joe with recycled thrift store knits. I don't have a photo, because they are constantly in rotation, and thus, constantly dirty. I used the Sleeping Johns pattern from Growing Up Sew Liberated but shortened them. Joe doesn't need many PJ shorts, because it's rarely hot here, but he has gotten a lot of use out of these two pairs in this past week. 
  7.  I am, right this minute, making spaghetti with homemade sauce with fresh tomatoes. I ... ahem ... added some half and half, making it creamy tomato sauce. It is so simple to do, and let me tell you, amazing. (It turns out the secret to great cooking is to add more fat. Don't tell anyone you heard that from me.)
  8. Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Oh my, that is so true about adding more fat for great cooking. And salt. I think if you ever saw how much oil and salt went into great restaurant food, you'd never want to eat out again. Except you would. Ick. Maybe KFC has something right after all. Am rambling. Am a wee bit tiddly after sparkling red. Am wanting some food with fat. And salt. Am going to go now.

  2. Mmm, salt and fat! And a little wine doesn't hurt either. :-)

  3. So true. And thanks for the laughs (#1 and #7). PS I totally dig you on the running to welcome autumn thing this year. What a cool mild summer it's been along the northern Cali coast. I wore my wool slippers today and a jacket because I was chilled all day...and I just tucked those two items away less than three months ago.
    Well, the falling leaves are pretty though. :)


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