Monday, October 10, 2011

Half-hearted KCWC?

If you hang out in the kids-clothing-sewing-blogosphere (what? you don't? who are you?), you know that this week is the Kids Clothing Week Challenge. The challenge is to sew kid's clothes for an hour each day for a week, and then post photos/blog about it/brag to your friends.

Over the years I've had both a kid and a blog, I've watched these come and go, and drooled over all the amazing things that people make, but never participated. Why? Because an hour a night of sewing, after my day job, sounds more like a job than a hobby, and you know how careful I am to keep crafting as a hobby.

And this year, I figured it was just totally impossible anyway, because I actually have to attend a planning commission on Wednesday night (I'm a municipal lawyer, don't you know), and I can tell you right now I will not be driving home at 10 p.m. excited about staying up and sewing for an hour! (At that point, I know from experience that a cold beer will my first only priority.)

So why am I even posting about this? Well, I dunno, I got kind of caught up in all the KCWC fever, and saw all the awesome things people are planning, and sort of wanted to participate ... and Joe does need some warmer autumn clothes (this is true despite the fact that I am still in denial of the changing seasons), and ... I love the online sewing community! ... and surely you will forgive me skipping one evening ... and, er ...

This is total crazy talk!! (Did I mention that my firm has a November 1 to October 31 billable year, and so on top of regular business I have to get my hours in for the year this month? Crazy talk!)

So. Um. We'll see how this goes. If you set your expectations nice and low, you might be pleasantly surprised.

What the heck, I'm going to go cut out some corduroy pants for Joe ...


  1. My efforts will not be evenly spread out across the week either... we're taking an impromptu interstate overnight trip (no kids!) tomorrow and my sewing machine sure won't be in my luggage. But yeah, change of season seems a good reason to try the challenge anyway. And it is called a challenge, so it ought to be challenging. I support your efforts!

  2. Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)

  3. Bring on the photos! Bring on the corduroy!

  4. If you can't manage the kids' clothes, you can always do a FLCWC aka Fat Lady's Clothing Week Challenge. I'll happily send you photos of stuff I like with my measurements! :P


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