Tuesday, November 1, 2011


You guys! Halloween was awesome! It went so much better than I ever dreamed.

The two-pronged approach of peer pressure and candy totally worked to reconcile Joe to his shark costume, and he wore the whole thing, hood and all, for an hour of trick-or-treating last night!

Sure enough, once he realized that other kids were dressed up with things on their heads, he was far more amenable to his own headgear. When he realized he could walk up and down the street, grabbing handfuls of shiny, colorfully packaged candy from strangers, I'm pretty sure he forgot all about his costume (when people commented on "the little shark!," he just looked at them blankly, like "huh?").

After one or two houses, Joe had the trick-or-treat methodology figured out, and took to it like it was his heretofore unrealized true calling in life. He barged ahead of his dawdling friends to the next house, briskly climbed the stairs, presented his bag (soon bursting with candy) to the occupant, said "tick teet!," got his candy, said "dink doo!" and pressed on to the next house.

He did run inside strange houses a couple times. I had to fish him out from behind someone's couch once. But in general he was highly efficient.

His business-like attitude cracked me up.

All I can say is, this child was born with an intense work ethic. He has remarkable focus. My goodness. (Whatever his other issues may be, ADD is off the table.)

And he said "tick teet!" at every house! And wasn't shy at all! (Ahem, barging into strangers' houses?) Even six months ago, this would have seemed pretty seriously unlikely for my silent little cling-monkey.

What's even funnier is that while Joe loved filling his bag to the brim with shiny and crinkly packages, he is completely clueless about candy, so he was quite content to be rewarded with a single Oreo at the end of the evening. He seems quite happy to reinvest his profits into his parents business.

Job well done, son.

And he wore his costume!

We may have lost a remora fish in the shuffle. A small price to pay.

I didn't bring my camera, but our friends took some photos, so hopefully I will have photographic evidence that Joe did not hate his costume to show you soon!

I'm just tickled pink that everything went so well.


  1. Loved reading about Joe's halloween. tick teet and dink doo. classic. :)

  2. This has left me smiling broadly! Yay for Joe! Can't wait to see the pictures.

  3. So glad it worked out! Cute little monkey. Dink doo indeed! Nice use of 'heretofore', too. I love words like that.

  4. You guys. You have no idea. I almost cried in relief! I suddenly understand all of those bloggers who complain about their kids not wearing the things that they make!

    But also, yes, he's been saying "dink doo" for thank you for a long time, it's so freakin' adorable no one has the heart to correct him. (Less adorable to me is that "sorry" sounds just like "mommy," so that he says "mommy mama." What is with that?)

    Jane, thank you for noticing my heretofore. :-)

  5. Dude, I forgot my camera too!! I am so dumb. Waiting for the photos from Matt & Sarah. Argh.

  6. Just want to give you some love for the apostrophe in the title.


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