Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Still no camera ...

... So I figured it was time for a little update in list form. You know, like how I used to do?

Ooh. I'm rusty. Here goes.

  1. We had a lovely Thanksgiving celebration at my sister's house last Thursday. So. Much. Food.
  2. I have so much to be thankful for. Especially, my family and my friends. What a great idea for a holiday.
  3. This past Friday ("Black Friday" in the U.S.) Joe and I got to see our good friends Melissa, Robin, and their little boy Miles, visiting California all the way from Brooklyn! The weather was great, the grownups had some good chats, and Joe and Miles chased each other around the house squealing and laughing. It was lovely. I just wish these folks lived closer!
  4. For my part, I was perfectly happy not to set foot in a single retail establishment on Black Friday. I saw all of you crazy shoppers sitting in your cars, stuck in traffic backed up a mile outside the mall, breathing in a haze of exhaust. Shudder.
  5. I did, however, take advantage of some internet sales at both Oliver + s and Britex Fabrics. Cough cough.
  6. As intimated in a prior post, I am currently reading Victor Hugo's Les Miserables. Stating the obvious: It's really long. It's also really heavy, even in paperback. I'm getting a workout carrying this 1,200 page tome everywhere I go. It's also pretty great, though. Hugo knows how to build up a scene. Often over hundreds of pages. Going off in tangents until you've forgotten what it was the book is about. But then there will be a Transcendent Moment. Which usually finds me on BART (since that's where I do most of my reading), gasping for breath and wanting to read the scene aloud to a bunch of vacant-eyed fellow-commuters. I begin to understand the hype.
  7. I am seeing the National and Wye Oak this Saturday! Super excited! I haven't been to a concert in a long time, I've wanted to see the National forever, and when it comes to Wye Oak, I have all the zeal of the newly converted. Also, a bunch of my friends are also going! Wahoo! I hope they don't play too late, though. I am ashamed to admit, it's hard for me to stay up much past 10:30 p.m. these days.
  8. My brother and I just watched the first season of Sherlock. I am a huge fan of the Arthur Conan Doyle stories, but I thought the recent film adaptation was, as far as faithfulness to the story goes, awful (the steam-punky costumes were pretty cool; it was, you know, just the plot that was ghastly). After seeing that, I was burned out and purposefully avoided Sherlock, which is a modern remake of the story. Well, that was dumb. Because whereas Sherlock Holmes the movie was depressingly inane and nothing at all like the original stories, Sherlock is refreshingly intelligent and an absolute nerd-fest for a lover of Arthur Conan Doyle. So many inside jokes! So much fun! Ah, good television. My only complaint is that somehow, the first season is only three episodes? Ending in a cliff hanger? (One that calls to mind Sherlock Holmes, his arch-rival, and a waterfall, ahem.) Torture!
  9. We haven't put up a Christmas tree yet, although we're planning to. Later. With two dogs and a two and a half year old, Christmas trees are a constant hazard that must be closely monitored. No need to rush into the dogs-eating-ornaments and kids-knocking-down-trees-on-themselves season.
  10. Once again, I seem to be coming up with all sorts of plans for handmade Christmas gifts. Yet, I am pretty sure that it would be impossible to actually make all of them between now and Christmas. It's unclear how this will work out.
  11. Joe's speech is progressing wonderfully, as is his potty humor. Suddenly, he spends half the day explaining that Omie (our dog) poo-poos, and daddy, and mama, and Harpal. Everyone poo-poos! *Gasp.* Recently, at a diaper change, he very seriously explained to Dad that in fact, Omie had pooped in his diaper, not him. "Omie poo-poo diaper!" He was totally framed, you know. That was not his poo-poo!
  12. I know, I'm the one who said that I wanted to know more about what was going on in Joe's little noggin. And now I know. Wow.
Righto. With that ... have a great week, everyone!


  1. Thanks for the update! Just wanted to say I also love Sherlock and was ack!! wha?! when they ended it that way. I think it's cast so perfectly too. Love this version of Watson. The interwebs say it won't be back on PBS until May 2012 (grumble grumble). But if you've seen Downton Abbey (which you should if you haven't its great!) that's coming back in January and should tide everyone over.

  2. Why do I find 2 year old potty humor so hilarious! You go, Joe!

  3. OakRoseMama: I just started Downtown Abbey, and it's super fun too! I got behind in awesome Masterpiece shows this past year, clearly.

    Carolyn: I have more where that came from, that are even funnier (and grosser). Watch out!

  4. Is this a male thing? (the blaming the dog) Every time my husband farts, he blames the dog! ahahahah

  5. Omie. Pooped. In Joe's diaper. HA!


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