Friday, December 16, 2011

Banjo! (And bonus raincoat!)

Banjo and raincoat!

Every once in a while, there comes a really good day. Monday was such a day.

On Monday morning, I posted here about my desire to pick up a used banjo to start learning on. That afternoon, I posted a status on Facebook saying pretty much the same thing. Mid-afternoon, my friend Shelby offered me a free loaner banjo! Would I like to pick it up that night at our regular Sacred Harp singing?


When I got to the singing, my friend Linda handed me a bag containing a raincoat that didn't fit her and she was planning to give away. She brought it "just in case" I wanted it. She saw the FB banjo exchange, so she knew I would be there.

The raincoat fits perfectly.

The raincoat is totally gorgeous.

The raincoat is the perfect shade of tomato rusty red.

Heretofore, I have never actually owned a raincoat. (I also never carry an umbrella. I like to pretend that it never rains here. However, that is not actually the case, as I learn to my soggy regret every year.)

Hell yes, I want your raincoat, Linda!

I have been wearing my super awesome new raincoat all week. Who cares that it's not actually raining? Tomato red is a neutral, folks.

Banjo and raincoat!

And here's my loaner banjo! I've been practicing vigilantly er, diligently for three whole days and I can say with confidence that I still pretty much suck. However, I am having fun!

I have great friends.

My cup runneth over. Seriously.


  1. Yay! A raincoat and a banjo? What more could a girl need.
    Oh, and you look amazing in your new raincoat and ecstatic with your banjo! Double yay!

  2. You are well suited for both coat and banjo!

  3. The raincoat looks great on you! Congrats on both it and the banjo! I love those sorts of happy days! Also I had never heard of Sacred Harp Singing. I followed your link and it looks very interesting.

  4. I can't think of a more bang up day! Banjo + Raincoat = AWESOME.

    I am not a wearer of a raincoat or a bringer of an umbrella, either. I like to think of it as my sunshiney optimism manifesting itself.

  5. You look absolutely awesome! Ok, this is giving me hope that if I put my banjo/dobro (I can't choose!) wish out there, I will also get a loaner. Or something.

  6. Tee hee! I've been practicing my banjo EVERY DAY, folks! Having so much fun!

    Excitementontheside: I like to think of myself as an optimist, too, but somehow I don't think this is the first impression folks get of me when my hair is drenched and I smell like wet wool. :-)

    Demandra: Do. It. (Although I confess that it's helpful to have a large network of folk music-loving friends, as I do, if you put your wish out there, you may be surprised!)

  7. That rain coat looks so much better on you than it ever did on me. I'm glad it's finally getting put to good use.


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