Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Gifts Update, Harper's Style.

Number of Christmas gifts I plan to make this year: At least 5 or 6.

Number of Christmas gifts completed so far: 0.

Number of Christmas gifts started: 1.

Amount of time spent on one gift I have started: 10 minutes.

Average amount of time that each gift will require: 4-5 hours.

Number of days left until Christmas: 17.

Back-up plan: Huh?


  1. Is it bad that this post made me chuckle?
    (how about if I tell you that I'm only chuckling b/c I've totally been in that spot. I feel your pain!)

  2. We go on holiday from the 16th to late on the 24th so I've had to get a move on this year! If it's not done by next Thursday night, it never will be. Backup plan... IOUs? DIY kits containing materials and instructions?? (Give the gift of craftiness!)

  3. i'm with carolyn... i'm only laughing because i'm right there with you! i like the DIY kit back-up plan. and i saw a cute idea on wild olive last night for a craft month club thing. good luck!!

  4. I'm starting to consider whether it would be more fair to make NO Christmas gifts and give everyone cookies or something. I mean, otherwise I have to pick and choose, and that's not nice, etc.

    (This is all a cover for extreme laziness on my part, by the way I'm just not feeling it, folks! Sorry. Can't force the muse!)


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