Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Lois Short: Banjo Picking Girl.

Things are still pretty busy around here, as we wind up this holiday season and this year with Chanukah parties, family gatherings, and trips to see friends. I'm still practicing my banjo as regularly as I can, though, and spending hours scrolling YouTube for good banjo videos researching banjo styles and techniques.

This gem gives me hope - maybe by the time I am Lois Short's age, I'll be able to play banjo this well (or maybe not, but maybe I can develop some kind of passable skill?). I still have some time. And check out her amazing smile at the very end. She's having a lot of fun. If you can watch this video without grinning from ear to ear, you might want to check your pulse. (What? Not everyone is filled with delight at the sound of banjo picking and purposefully off-tune folk singing? Well, you banjo-resistant folks are missing out, in my opinion.)

This amazing video was shot by Alan Lomax and crew in at Lois Short's home in Closplint (also known as Klondike or Rutherford), Harlan County, Kentucky.  July 24, 1983.


  1. Even more awesome - I would put money on Lois having made that dress herself.

  2. Totally! And it looks very comfortable for a hot day in Kentucky, I must say. :-)

  3. Thanks for posting these clips. I wouldn't say I'm an enthusiast of this kind of music and I don't own any. But when it comes my way I do enjoy listening. It reminds me of a summer I spent working in a small town in Iowa where I was listening to this kind of music on public radio in the car all the time. It kinda leaves you with a good feeling.

  4. This is my favorite kind of music in the whole world. Love it! And you are my inspiration for banjo learnin' and playin'! Now, I just have to get me a banjo. Put the word out, hoping to get an uber cheap one. 2012, I'm gonna be a Banjo Pickin' Girl too! :)

    Happy New Year!

  5. Demandra: 2015. Dueling Banjos. Mark your calendar, lady, because you are ON.


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