Monday, January 9, 2012

Another little thing for little Aspen.

I had to make one more little thing for baby Aspen. These are Made by Rae's Big Butt Baby Pants. I finally buckled and bought the pattern recently, after seeing a guzillion absolutely adorable iterations on the internet. Of course, I'm a little crazy, so even though the pattern clearly calls for woven fabrics, I had to make it, for the very first time, using stretchy cotton/lycra knits.  I just remember I preferred dressing my newborn Joe in knit fabrics, which are so soft and comfortable and washable. Plus, you can get a little more wear out of knits because they stretch to fit your baby a bit.

So I blatantly ignored the fabric requirements, but luckily, they turned out great and I am totally hooked by this easy and adorable pattern!

Newborn BBB Pants
Babies in stripes!

I got my brother to pose with the pants, for scale. These seem so tiny to me. They seemed so ridiculously small that I actually pulled out a pair of newborn pants of Joe's to compare. If anything, these pants are actually on the big side of the 0-3 month range, so apparently it's just been a while since I handled any itty bitty infant clothing.

Newborn BBB Pants
Orange bottom.

That butt gusset is so frickin' cute. Just saying.

I know, they're really loud. I hope and trust the recipients will appreciate a baby with a Blaze Orange butt as much as I do. Safety first, I always say.

(Did these pants remind you of something?)

On a totally different topic, what do you do when your toddler, who no longer naps, falls asleep over a late snack at like 5 p.m. (at the table, mind you), thus potentially wrecking bedtime?

Joe sleeps over milk and cheerios.
Yeah, same blaze orange fabric for Joe's shirt. Two yards didn't seem like a lot of eye-popping orange knit, really.

Photograph him? Oh, good. Me too.

Joe sleeps with milk and cheerios.


  1. Love the pants!
    Lucy fell asleep while getting her hair cut at the hairdressers this afternoon - I thought it was hilarious (no pic though - didn't have my camera.....)

  2. I do love when the babies can be easily spotted working construction on the highway ; )

    Wow! How can sleeping kids be so darn cute! It's so nice to see some of the curls back, even if it just til the next big kid haircut.

  3. She fell asleep while getting a haircut??! That is awesome!

    Yes, Aspen will be VERY visible while working construction, which is definitely important!

    Joe looks so angelic when he's sleeping, you'd never guess he's a nonstop ball o' energy when he's awake, huh?

  4. That orange bum is just too amazing for words! SO CUTE!

  5. Love the orange butt! My toddler frequently refuses to nap during the day lately, and then passes out for a super-late nap... but it totally ruins bedtime, which is why she just went to bed at... 11 p.m. tonight. And will still get up at 6 a.m. knowing her.

    1. Toddler Z sounds a lot like Joe in some ways; like how neither of them seem to need as much sleep as their parents do! My sincerest sympathies!


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