Friday, January 6, 2012

New Year's Resolutions.

Before New Year's this year, I had some ideas for New Year's resolutions. Self-improvement ideas. Ideas for building on my sewing and banjo skills, planting an ambitious vegetable garden, and scrubbing the kitchen floor more.*

But then we spent our New Year's eve terrified for our friend Pauline and her family, and now most of those ideas seem silly, self-punishing, and totally unimportant. What I'm left with is the following:

  1. Treasure my family and friends.
  2. Play a lot of banjo.
  3. Enjoy learning some new things!
So this makes the second year in a row that I've really pretty much eschewed New Year's resolutions in their usual form. And it feels pretty good, really. I might make a habit of it.

* I know, right? Fat chance.


  1. I like this, and I just read your 2011 New Year post for the first time, and I like that too! New Year is weird, since it's mid-summer here most people tend to have a couple of weeks off work around this time and it can suddenly feel like life has time for more sewing, gardening, baking etc. My resolution last year was 'do more baking with yeast' and it was a complete fail. You're so right, once you put obligations and deadlines on hobbies, they lose the fun. And, your friend's experience puts a lot into perspective. Happy, self-imposed-pressure-free new year!

  2. It's certainly events like this that make you re-evaluate your priorities and what you want our of life. Good for you!
    (although truth be told, I need to scrub my kitchen floor more too...)


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