Thursday, June 21, 2012

Coming Soon: Shorts on the Line!

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Well, things are definitely slowing down a bit on the sewing front over here. I'm almost 35 weeks pregnant now, and I'm getting pretty big and uncomfortable. My back is pretty achy after a day at work, so spending my evenings cutting things out on the floor, standing at my ironing board, and sitting at the sewing machine is not as appealing as it was a month ago.

But I do have a couple projects in the works, and one of them is pretty exciting! Rachael of Imagine Gnats, Carla of small + friendly, and Vanessa of Designs by Sessa invited me to participate in their upcoming sew-along, Shorts on the Line. For the first couple weeks of July, they will be featuring guest posts (including my very first guest post ever, people!) with shorts inspirations, tutorials, and pattern reviews.

My post goes up on July 3, tee hee! You all know how I enjoy sewing shorts for my little guy! I've only sewn about a billion pairs, but he always needs more. I have an idea I'm pretty excited about (hint: I'm going to try using contrasting lime green thread on black chambray). So now I just need to get to work!

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7.1 shorts on the line kick-off!

week one: imagine gnats
7.2 Rachael (imagine gnats) and Melanie (A Sewing Journal)
7.3 Courtney (mon petit lyons), Inder (Inder Loves Folk Art), and Nicke (Kiss Kiss... Quilt)
7.4 Rashida (i heart linen) and April (Sewing Novice)
7.5 Andrea (the train to crazy) and Kristy (Hopeful Threads)
7.6 Shannon (luvinthemommyhood) and Erin & Carla (Clever Charlotte)
7.7 Emma (Hello Beautiful) and Cassandra (Cass Can Sew)
7.8 Gail (probably actually) and Becky (Owly Baby)

week two: small + friendly
7.9 Carla (small + friendly) and Sophie (cirque du bebe)
7.10 Ros (Sew Delicious) and Veronica (sewVery)
7.11 Shelly (Figgy's) and Alyssa (Pile O'Fabric)
7.12 Jessica (a little gray) and Diane (from blank pages)
7.13 Kristin (skirt as top) and Kelley (Casa Crafty)
7.14 Katie (There and Back) and Tara (girl like the sea)
7.15 Alli (B. Yazoo) and Jennet (Feathered Nest Studios)

week three: Designs by Sessa
7.16 Vanessa (Designs by Sessa) and Jessica (Me Sew Crazy)
7.17 Cherie (You and Mie) and Jane (Buzzmills)
7.18 Karen (Sew Well Maide) and Stephanie (The Crafty Kitty)
7.19 Bianca (Sweet Diesel Designs) and Tara (true, pure, lovely)
7.20 Jenny (Stumbles & Stitches) and Susan & Adrianna (crafterhours)
7.21 Danny (Mommy for Reals) and Marian (Lady Face)
7.22 Jill (Made With Moxie) and Christina (2 Little Hooligans)

features and deadline
7.23 sewalong features, Rachael's favorites
7.24 sewalong features, Carla's favorites
7.25 sewalong features, Vanessa's favorites
7.26 final deadline for shorts sewalong entries
7.27 viewers choice voting begins

winners annoucements
7.28 judges' choice third place announced
7.29 judges' choice second place announced
7.30 viewers choice winner announced
7.31 judges' choice first place announced

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  1. I saw this on Rachel's blog! Despite being winter here, I thought I might join in with a pair or two :-)
    Can't wait to see how yours go

    (& I am in total agreement re the word verification - it's been sending me nuts - here's to hoping for not too much spam)

    1. So far, I have not been inundated with spam, so I'm feeling hopeful that I can bid the word verification goodbye for good!

      I realize this is a very Northern Hemisphere oriented sew-along, but you could always do the British schoolboy thing, see below. :-)

  2. Hooray! I can't wait to see what you make and I'm so glad you are guest posting!
    P.S.- Thank you so much for ditching the word codes, now I can comment more without cursing as much!

    1. I've been trying to get a little work done on my project every day in the morning, while I'm still feeling peppy (and not too achy). I'm excited!

      P.S. Boring blog updates remind me, I haven't been able to figure out how to subscribe to comments on your blog, so that I can get email updates, like I usually do on other blogs. Is there a trick I'm missing?

  3. Yay, looking forward to seeing your guest post. I love the idea for this series, though we don't have much use for shorts in England ;)

    1. But I have this vivid image in my mind of sturdy British schoolboys in shorts and knee socks on frigid days, with knees that are red and raw from the cold!!

    2. He he, I suppose that is true. It didn't happen at my school though, I think it's limited to the private schools, to toughen them up.

  4. Good for you! And lime on black? Awesome! Can't wait to see:)


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