Saturday, July 28, 2012

Dress and Bloomers: A moment in the life of a newborn.

Inspired by Max California's gray knit version, I just whipped up the "Infant Peasant Dress" in a teal knit for baby Maggie, and paired it with some owl bloomers that I sewed for Joe when he was an infant (but never blogged). The bloomers were made from a pattern in Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing For Baby. Both of these patterns are easy and fast, and both fit my teeny newborn with some room to grow. Yay!

So then I tried to photograph Maggie in her mama-made outfit. First, let's try some tummy time!

Owl bloomers

I managed one shot before Maggie took an intense dislike to being on her tummy. So then I comforted her a bit, and tried her on her back ... 

An unwilling model

Uh .... you'd think I casually put her down on a stray leaf in the middle of the jungle where she is being sniffed by cougars, right?

Of course, I immediately put the camera down and picked her up to comfort her. (Well, okay, not before I got one good shot of her screaming. She is just so cute when she's mad!)

Whereupon she snuggled into my arm and promptly fell asleep.

Ah, that's better.

That's my girl: Goes from 80 to zero in ten seconds flat.

Mama and Maggie.



  1. Love the cranky shot - and the outfit!
    And love her sleepy pose too - makes me want a baby to snuggle.....

  2. Awww, she loves her mama! And I love her new clothes (they're so tiny!!)

  3. That's a really nice photo of you two together! The clothes are adorable and comfy looking. Is there a newborn out there who likes tummy time? I'm not sure I've ever met one!

  4. She is so cute!! And the knit dress is just adorable, yay for dresses :) I agree the last photo is a really great one.

  5. Take some time to like tummy time.
    She is lovely and you look so well.

  6. precious! love that little outfit. you guys are just adorable! :)

  7. Cuteness! Love the 'sniffed by cougars' photo too :) She looks so content with you.

  8. Beautiful little outfit! And, yes, I agree adorable little scrunched up "angry" face too!! Little babes are so cute, almost regardless of the fact that they are screaming, right? Although, the sleepy faces are the best! :)

  9. Always need a good crying shot or two! ;) Bumping knit peasant dress up my way, way too long list, check!

  10. ah! adorable! Their little screaming faces are intense aren't they?! Looks like you are having fun!

  11. oh my! congratulations! she is so gorgeous it almost made me cry! precious! and she sounds like our iris - a girl who knows what she wants! :)

  12. ps - the outfit is perfect! i adore it!

  13. Hahhah! Eddie wore hers for the first time the other day! I laugh when she cries. I think it's different as a second child because with Vincent I would STRESS out. But now I just laugh and take photos of her because she sounds like a little demented sheep.


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