Monday, September 17, 2012

This morning.

This morning I find myself alone with both of the kiddos while Steve visits his dad in Davis. I think I may be coming down with a cold (we have all been sick thanks to Joe's preschool adventures). Murphy's law of parenting multiple children says they will both need something very intensely at the exact same time, right?  So I just cut myself because I was trying to slice a bagel for Joe while holding a crying Maggie. Not my brightest moment (but the sound of my children crying makes me do stupid things). Don't try this at home, kids! I'm glad it was just my finger and not Maggie's!

Maggie and me (in all of my no-makeup, hair loosely yanked back reality).

I think the Ergo is going to really come in handy today. With my second child, I'm getting it: babywearing is not just a fun thing to do or an easy way to put a baby to sleep; it is a survival tactic. So I finally got over my fear of the Ergo infant insert (silly, right?) and tried Maggie in it yesterday. I love that it is truly hands free (the insert supports her floppy head) and it is even possible to nurse her in it. She fell asleep approximately one minute after this photo was taken, which signified her approval.

I'm still figuring out this whole "having two kids" thing. All of you parents of "even more than two kids": I am in awe of you!

It is getting easier. And it has many wonderful moments too. But in the meantime, I need a band-aid! And another cup of coffee!

Just keeping it real, folks. Just keeping it real.


  1. My kids have decided on a tag-teeming approach. They're pretty good in that only one of them needs me at a time...but that means that one of them needs me at ALL times. Just as I get one settled, the next one starts fussing. I swear they do it on purpose :)
    And yes, baby wearing is totally necessary (it saved my butt in those first couple of months)
    And yes, Maggie is the cutest little baby I ever did see.

  2. You are figuring it out and doing a great job. I love how you always go before me and show me the way. :)

  3. I've definitely used my Ergo a lot more with no. 2, I still carry Casper in it too sometimes. Having two took some adjustment but they're so much fun together now, well most of the time anyway. I am also in awe of people with more than 2. Hope you're feeling better soon and the cold stays away.

  4. You sure look cute when you're frazzled. Thanks for your honesty, I hope you feel better ( and get some rest!)

  5. "It's a good think they're cute, it's a good thing they're cute, it's a good thing they're cute" - repeat as necessary! Heheh, I love your assessment of baby wearing as a survival tactic. Indeed. You can even go to the toilet! Although I never could figure out the breastfeeding-while-wearing. Nice work!

  6. You are doing well honey! I think it's easier for me because Vince is much older than Joe so he poops and wees by himself, gets himself up in the morning, opens his blinds, even gets himself a glass of milk! ahhaha. I hear you though, it sure is hard! Moments like that I'm just, "Screw everything, let's go to the park"

  7. The little newies need so much attention, but before you know it Maggie will be bigger and getting independent and it will all be easier. One thing that kept me sane in that period was trying to remember that everything's a phase with babies/kids, even if it's really hard at the time. And it's all harder when your partner's away and/or if someone's not well. Great thinking to use the Ergo. I used to love mine too.

  8. I am right there with you! Nora is almost 4 weeks and I live for preschool days and the weekend when hubs is home. And my hubs is almost never home during the week... I feel like I'm neglecting my older daughter just trying to keep the baby fed and asleep and not fall over comotose myself.

    I just ordered an Ergo yesterday too! Maybe now that it's "cooler" here the baby and I can go on walks with the hope of some of the baby fluff leaving my middle in the near future...

    And I have lots of friends/family with 4 kids - it all makes my brain hurt. Going shopping with 2 was enough to send me into a near melt down... Guess I'm not good enough at multi-tasking... as in driving a shopping cart with a car seat blocking the view, keeping tabs on a 4 year old and oh - figuring out what food to actually put into the cart... sigh.

  9. Oh man - it's a must. The k'tan was my favorite for that small age. My baby lived in it!

  10. You both look adorable...and I love your glasses! You are rocking the mamahood!

  11. I LOVED my baby sling!
    Matilda never used the pram. I used to find bit of vegie peelings in hers from prepping supper!

    Bitter sweet that you are returning to paid work.
    xx N


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