Saturday, October 20, 2012

Pants, pants, more pants, and pumpkins.

This is the project that took up most of my maternity leave. Not because it was hard, mind you, but because I kept trying to work in three minute increments with a tiny baby in the house. I'm still trying to figure that whole thing out ...

Heartbreaker Pants and Big Butt Baby 

Anyway! Matching pants for my friends Robin and Melissa's little guy Miles and their little guy on the way. Miles' third birthday was a week ago, and his little brother is expected any day now. They live in Brooklyn, where they have real seasons, so I figured some nice autumnal corduroy pants were in order.

I tried a new pattern for Miles' pants - the "Little Heartbreaker Pants" from Sewing For Boys, by Shelly Figueroa and Karen LePage. These pants have a lovely, old-fashioned trouser silhouette: high, pleated waist, wide legs, and deep cuffs. I think they have a 1930s gangster vibe (some suspenders would look cute!). Sewing-wise, they were pretty straightforward, if a bit fiddly. But the hardest part was that Miles lives in Brooklyn, so I couldn't try them on him to make sure they fit! I did have a few measurements to work from, but it's always hard sewing for a little person you haven't seen for months.

Heartbreaker Pants and Big Butt Baby Pants

Yes, the tiny pair are Big Butt Baby Pants with a contrasting orange bottom. Miles and his little brother will be styling for Thanksgiving!

Thank goodness, Miles' pants fit him perfectly! Melissa sent me these adorable photos of Miles posing. With a block. Of course! And here is the back.

Eek! These are so cute!! I totally cut out a pair of pinstriped ones for Joe, which will probably take me another three months to sew.

After sewing up those corduroy Big Butt pants for Miles' brother, I decided that Maggie needed a pair of orange cord pants too. I even busted out a scrap of my precious orange faux-bois so that she could have woodgrain butt. Woodgrain butt!! Gah.

Big Butt Baby Pants

In other orange-related news, check out these pumpkins we grew! They're huge!! They are a French heirloom variety called Rouge Vif e’Etampes, or French Cinderella Pumpkins, because they look like the pumpkins that Cinderella's carriage was magically made from.


The vegetable garden is winding down as we move from summer into Indian summer (which is undoubtedly the best time of year in the San Francisco Bay Area) into autumn. The tomatoes are still producing here and there and the basil is still glorious, but in general, everything looks messy and terrible back there. It's just that time.

But we are going to have the best Jack o'Lanterns ever this year.



  1. Miles looks great in his new pants... and I just can't get enough of the Big Butt Baby Pants. I just purchased the pattern myself and will be working on a few pairs over the next week or so. Can't wait to see a photo of your jack o'lanterns!

  2. Pants and pumpkins alike are awesome! I can't wait to see Maggie modelling her faux-bois pair. Also, a propos of nothing at all, I kind of like the way the name Miles corresponds letter-wise to the name Melissa.

  3. Woodgrain butt! YES! And brown corduroy is simply one of my favourite fabrics in the world.

  4. Those pants are fantastic! I love everything about them - such a great fabric choice and I love the cuffs, the pleats and the plain front! And man, that is one cute kiddo!

  5. could not be cuter. the orange is fantastic. they're all fantastic! awesome pumpkins, too. :)

  6. Adorable! The wood grain butt is a fabulous touch!

  7. Melissa (mom to Miles)October 22, 2012 at 7:49 AM

    Miles loves his new pants, and so do we! You really should brag about the adjustable waistband too. I was most impressed. Thanks for spending your maternity leave on cute pants for the kids. As soon as Rainbow is born and big enough to wear his pants, we'll send photos of those too. (No, we are not really naming him Rainbow, but Miles doesn't know that yet.)

  8. Yay, pleased to see you're getting some sewing time in. They're all really cute. I love the little heartbreaker pants pattern, Casper's got so much wear out of the ones I made, must make some more soon. Joe's pinstriped ones sound very cool.

  9. First of all I am so jealous of your pumpkins!!! See that? Three exclamation points. I found out we can only grow darned pumpkins in the spring time so we get pumpkins in JUNE?! I am sad for that. But yours are awesome. Love the faux bois butt, love it! And I can't wait to see the pinstriped version of the heartbreaker pants.

  10. Loving Miles' pants! I wondered about making those pants, wasn't sure if I'd like them, but I'm loving this version, so I may just have to try! And I do looove corduroy!

  11. Love the orange pants with the woodgrain butt!

  12. I love your blog! Full of beautiful things. I just awarded you with the Sunshine Blogger Award.

    Are you on Twitter? I couldn't find you.

    I look forward to reading more!


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