Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Facts of Life.

Joe, out of the blue: "Mama, Maggie came out of your tummy!"
Me: "That's right! So did you, Joe! You came out of my tummy too!"
Joe: "So did Daddy!"
Me, shuddering convulsively: "Uh, no. Daddy came out of his mama's tummy!"
Joe, skeptical: "No, mama! He came out of your tummy."

I can appreciate that Joe thinks I'm the source of all good things in his life, but I need a shower.


  1. haha this made me smile! how old is Joe? evie will be 4 next month and has been very curious about this whole topic. She keeps asking - "I didn't grow in your tummy, right? I grew in my first mommy's tummy. Why didn't I grow in your tummy?" It's interesting because we've always been open about adoption and I've explained this to her pretty much since we adopted her, but it's like it's clicking in a different way now.

  2. Haha! Clem has said similar things in the past and I think he still can't quite figure it out :D

  3. It gets better....

    Lidia-''I know you take a man's sperm and a ladies egg and that makes a baby.....but how do they actually get together''?

    Three biggies sitting behind her grinning from ear to ear. 'Off you go Mum'


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