Friday, May 3, 2013

Baby wearing at its best.

Last Saturday, I attended the Golden Gate All Day Sacred Harp Singing in San Francisco, with Maggie. I wore her in the ring sling, pretty much the whole day, and she was generally happy and as snug as a bug. Here we are leading the song "Messiah" (page 131 on the top - Denson book) towards the end of the day (video taken by my friend Dan Harper).

If you're not familiar with Sacred Harp music and this video interests you, you can learn more here.

It was a beautiful day, and a really lovely singing! (And the food was delicious as always!)


  1. Woah. I love this. I can't imagine a better baby wearing situation. Course Elena would have demanded it every night or something :D

  2. wow, that was beautiful. i listened to the whole thing. i used to do a lot of singing. this reminded me of the a capella (madrigal) singing i used to do. and how wonderful that M was content in there. at that age, iris would have needed to be on the mooove. i loved those sling days so much! :)
    i loved your gingam dress below, too!


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