Friday, May 31, 2013

Because girls love cars too!

Geranium dress in city fabric

My second Geranium dress, this time in a blue linen and cityscape and cars fabric. This is for my friend's daughter's fourth birthday. I made exactly the same model as my first version - plain neckline, cap sleeves, pleated skirt with side pockets. I love the gathered version of the dress too. I'll have to whip that up next ...

Geranium dress

I love this fabric. It's Michael Miller. It's not fair that boys get all the awesome car fabric, am I right? Girls like cars (and bugs and dinosaurs) too.

I lined the top in a soft shirting cotton. It doesn't really go, but it's soft. It's the same fabric I used to back Joe's quilt, and to line Maggie's Ice Cream top. It's so buttery soft. I love it, but I don't have much left!

Geranium dress in cars

I struggled mightily over whether to go with yellow, orange, or green buttons on the back. Or some combination. I'm happy with my choice. (The combination was fun, but I decided it was too distracting. Ha. These are earth shattering decisions!)

I hope its recipient will love it as much as I do! As much as I love floral prints (and I do), I really enjoyed picking out some more unusual, less girly fabrics for this dress.

And here is Maggie and Crouton, basking in the sun on the lawn while I take photographs. Crouton just had his summer haircut so he looks even kookier than usual.

Maggie and dog

Kiss kiss.



  1. I love that dress! And the print is wonderfully unisex!

  2. Love this version - & those pictures of Maggie :-)

  3. Gorgeous dress - and isn't choosing buttons fun but frustrating at the same time?

  4. Inder, I love this dress and I really love the buttons. You rocked it.

    You also provided the entertainment for our family this morning. We were all laughing so much about your dog's name. We even had Jude try to guess it. Unsuccessfully... obviously. Then the girls and I talked about how we would kiss M's cheeks 100 times if we saw her. :)

  5. I saw the pictures on Flickr yesterday and got super excited about the lining making a reappearance! I love that fabric and think it goes splendidly well with the cars. Makes me think of executives screaming down the highway late for a meeting in a perfectly pressed collar. I love the dress and the haircut couldn't have come at a better time ... it is supposed to be "hot" this weekend.

  6. ooooo, I love that fabric!! and the dress! you are right...girls Do love cars and bugs and dinosaurs and fire engines too! :)

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