Monday, June 10, 2013

You win some ...

 ... and you lose some. I'm afraid this week has been a "loser" when it comes to sewing.

After Joe refused to wear his awesome Parsleys, I tried to buck myself up by sewing something for myself. Since "Me Made May" (which I did not participate in, but enjoyed as a reader), I have been inspired to sew more clothes for myself. Right now, I could never do a "Me Made May" because I generally have at most three or four handsewn items in general rotation in my wardrobe (and that's on a good day). And since having Maggie, my body has been in a transitional state - I have lost a lot of the baby weight, but I'm still holding onto a bit more. I don't have many clothes that fit and make me feel great about myself. Good reasons to sew!

After hunting through the stash a bit, I decided to try the Crescent Skirt by Sewaholic patterns. I have admired many versions of Sewaholic patterns on the sewing webs, but have never tried sewing one. One reason for that, which may be relevant to this sad tale, is that Sewaholic patterns are intended to fit and be flattering on "pear-shaped women." I, on the other hand, am not pear-shaped. I am bigger of bosom than hip. But I love this style of skirt. It has a late 70s, early 80s vibe, and you know how I like that. And I have worn this style in the past and found it very flattering and fun.

Uh. Not this time, apparently. Despite tinkering and fussing with this thing for two solid days, it is too big, unflattering, sits on a weird place in my body, has strange poofy bits, makes me feel like I'm as big as a house, and ... yeah, I just pretty much hate it!

Sad, sorry, abandoned skirt project.

This pattern has so much promise! I have seen it modeled by women of all shapes and sizes, and know it to be a flattering style on a variety of body types. But it just isn't working for me. Despite working from my measurements and the finished garment measurements, the size I cut was much too large. Even after taking inches off everywhere, it is still too big. Frumpers-frumpersville!

Maybe I'll cut it up and make Maggie a Geranium dress from it. I do love this understated calico.

Right now, I am too discouraged to consider whether or not I should give this pattern another shot, maybe in a smaller size. Ugh. Maybe after I've had some time to recover.

Today's "keeping it real" message: Sewing for yourself can be really fun and empowering! Or, it can suck giant donkey you-know-whats.

In the effort to chalk this up to some kind of "learning experience," here's what I learned:

1. Muslins are a good idea!
2. Muslins are a good idea!
3. Muslins are a good idea!
4. I suck at stitching in the ditch.

I am determined not to give up on my goal to sew more for myself, though. Sewing for an adult woman (with taste) is more difficult than sewing for children. It just is. But if I want to get better at it, I need to push through the difficulty and keep learning. I just need to get back on that horse (donkey? ha) and try again.

But maybe I'll just make another Briar t-shirt first ...


  1. Hugs, Inder. Sorry about the skirt x - again, I can relate - just about to embark on yet another pair of pants for myself - both previous pairs were pretty much a fail....

  2. oh inder, i'm sorry - but i do love your honesty... and the frumpers-frumpersville comment. hahaha i know for a fact that that style would *not* look good on me. i think that's why i don't sew for myself more. i don't feel most of the patterns would suit my style/body type. I sewed more for myself initially but never really wore what i made.

    i can't wait to see what you try next!

  3. The fabric is adorable so i hope it does make it's way out into the limelight sometime when it's ready.

    I have the same problem with the sewaholic patterns :( I currently have my eyes on this Decades of Style Skirt i think would be adorable...and it has awesome pockets!!!

    Also there is nothing wrong with making the same pattern you have made before if you like it. Me and my raglan shirt pattern are about to make shirt #4. I love the shirts and can get it cut and sewn in less than an hour. Near instant gratification!

    1. Oooh, what is this raglan shirt pattern you speak of? If you drafted it for yourself, do you think I could trace it and try it out? We are similar in size ...

  4. One of the reasons I make so many Portfolio tunics. The size 14 fits-no mods!
    And I could hitch it up to feed.

    Don't give up!
    xx N

  5. Aw, thanks everyone! I'm feeling better today. Live and learn! I am going to cut that baby up, make something for Maggie, and destroy all evidence of this failure ASAP so that I can forget about it and move on. I think I need more Cake patterns in my life - knits, customizable, I'm not at the top of the size range, etc.

  6. Yeah, there is nothing like a failed project to just make you feel like crap! I like to follow failed projects up with something's like a palate cleanser. Here's to hoping that your next project is a winner! Oh and I never stitch in the ditch because I completely suck at it too (even though I have a stitch in the ditch foot that supposedly makes it easier)


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