Saturday, October 19, 2013

Birthday list.

  1. It has been a while since I did a list!
  2. We had a wonderful get-away in Tahoe. Our friends and their kids joined us for part of it and it was fantastic. The kids had a blast and it was genuinely relaxing for us grown-ups. I have a few grainy cell phone photos to prove it but didn't even touch the real camera. 
  3. The cabin we stayed at had a fully stocked train table. The children literally got up early in the morning, played all day into the evening, went to sleep, rinse repeat. That train table provided 30-some hours of non-consecutive entertainment. The biggest challenge of the weekend was getting the children to take potty breaks or eat. We're pretty sure they all lost a pound or so out of sheer disinterest in food.
  4. I spent my days making felt ornaments from Alicia Paulson's latest pattern. So relaxing and meditative. Joe helped me string beads onto my needle and Maggie tasted all of the felt and trims. I finished two of the ornaments and cut out a third, and I'm planning to make more of her ornaments before Christmas. 
  5. I enjoyed the opportunity to really sit down and play with my kids. We painted. We played trains. We snuggled.
  6. I came back to work for a very short and very intense week, of course. The vacation vibe wears off pretty quickly in the face of all of the usual daily crises of my job. But it was still really lovely to have such a long weekend with my family.
  7. Our local transit system, BART, is on strike, which is a major bummer for traffic and getting to work in the morning.
  8. Today is my 37th birthday.
  9. All I want for my birthday is a BART compromise.
  10. 37 is a prime number, you know.
  11. My work buddies took me out for beers last night. I asked the waitress if they had IPA on tap, and she said, "Yes, we have Stella ... " My friends laughed. I have a reputation as a connoisseur of IPA.
  12. Turns out they did have Racer 5 on tap, but the poor waitress was clearly new to the job, and to beer.
  13. I laughed so hard with my friends. I love my work buddies. You would never guess this, but municipal lawyers are riotously funny people.
  14. Steve let me sleep in this morning, which was lovely.
  15. When I woke up he was cleaning the house, which was really lovely.
  16. Joe and I are going to make cupcakes. It is important to Joe that I blow out candles.
  17. I have chosen chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting. Mmmm. 
  18. I have a big pile of felt on my ironing board, destined to be turned into Halloween costumes.
  19. I am planning to participate in KCW this fall, at least to whatever limited extent I am able, since as always, it falls on a week when I have evening meetings.
  20. There will be posts with pictures soon, I promise!


  1. Happy, happy birrthday, Inder!

  2. Happy birthday! Have a lovely day x
    Loved reading your list - looking forward to seeing some pics

  3. Happy Happy birthday! Here's hoping they can figure out the BART thing.

  4. i love this list! i'm so glad you had such a nice time. and if we ever go on vacation, i'll definitely need to look for a train table!

  5. That sounds like the perfect way to celebrate a birthday! A very happy birthday to you, Inder!

  6. hey inder, i had to come back and tell you that you inspired me - i just ordered one ornament kit and one ornament PDF from Alicia Paulson. I'm in need of some hand sewing in a serious way! :) thank you for the nudge to do it!


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