Thursday, October 10, 2013

Off to a cabin in the mountains ...

For the first time since I took my new job last December, I have scheduled a real break - a long weekend in Tahoe, renting a cabin. We have no plans. Not a one. I am so excited. Yay!*

And here is an actual conversation I had with my husband Steve today:

Me: "I don't have a hand-sewing project! I need a hand-sewing project for this trip! I don't have anything lined up."
Steve: "You could go to the store and pick up some supplies tomorrow."
Me (surprised but trying to go along with it): "Well, yeah ... "
Steve: "We could bring your sewing machine with us."
Me: *Swoons.*

So, okay, yes, it did turn out that he wanted to go to the A's game tonight (he went), but I think I'll keep him around, y'know?

*Prospective burglars are hereby advised that I have (1) two housemates; (2) a pit bull; and (3) nothing of value.


  1. So excited for you - how perfect!

  2. Oh, wow - keep him!
    And have a lovely weekend :-)

  3. Have so much fun! I think we are going to try to go when it's snowy this year. Jude asked today if we could got to he North Pole, I'm pretty sure Tahoe counts :)

  4. i love this so much! i even read it to dan. you are hilarious!
    i hope you have a great time away!


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