Sunday, November 24, 2013

When your kids are sick and your sewing machine* is broken.

  1. Wail.
  2. Gnash teeth.
  3. Drop sewing machine off at shop.
  4. Mope.
  5. Google "Coxsackie" and "hand, foot, and mouth" and "sewing machine seized up" 500 times.
  6. Post whiny things on Facebook.
  7. Repeat all of the above (except dropping off the machine - that only happens once).
  8. Ten times.
  9. Decide it's time to get out of the house. Perhaps do some grocery shopping.
  10. Remember that your poxy "hoof and mouth" kids are really not fit for public, and especially, no one wants them near their food. 
  11. Send the almost-better child with daddy to the hardware store. Surely no one could complain about that.
  12. Go out to the backyard with your still very sad sick child.
  13. Clear out vegetable beds.
  14. Enlist child labor.
  15. Dig.
  16. Feel mood softening with cathartic work of yanking out dead plants and weeds.
  17. Discover that eggplant is still producing! Against all odds!
  18. And there is a good handful of fingerling potatoes too!
  19. Decide to make roasted eggplant stew for dinner.
  20. Plant garlic. Sow peas, lettuce, chard, and collards.
  21. Thank lucky stars for wonderfully mild California climate.
  22. Decide life isn't so bad after all.
  23. Make calm, unemotional call to sister to inquire about borrowing her sewing machine.
  24.  Wahoo! Loaner sewing machine is available! Thanks sis!
  25. Roasted eggplant and chickpea stew, baby.
  26. It's all going to be okay.

* Not just my regular sewing machine, but also my back-up sewing machine. Yep. Both are broken. No bueno.


  1. Boo to sick kids and broken sewing machines. Yay to loan machines and gardening! One of my dear Singers was suddenly and utterly seized up and I spent a long time Googling 'sewing machine seized up' etc too. On the weekend I eventually came across this brilliant piece of advice - for a machine that simply won't move - turn the handwheel sharply and firmly backwards, repeat if necessary. This will probably dislodge anything that is stuck in the bobbin area. I had suspected this was the problem with mine although I couldn't see anything stuck in there, but sure enough the thing became unstuck and spat out a couple of small oily clumps of old lint. I could have kissed the internet! I hope it's something equally simple with your machines.

  2. Glad that you were able to borrow a sewing machine! I have had sick kids on and off for the past week so I sympathize with you.

  3. this was a lovely post and made me so happy! also maggie's hair looks different in these photos - so blonde and look at those curls! the cuteness is through the roof!

  4. :( sorry kiddos are sick! I can't believe how big Maggie is getting! Two broken sewing machines is no good! and roasted eggplant stew sounds yummy! glad you are seeing light at the end of the tunnel

  5. Best description of this process I have come accross. What did we used to do before we could post whiny things on fb?

  6. it totally wrong that this post made me laugh? ;-)
    I am sorry about the sick kids and the sick machine - hope all are better very soon
    Your dinner sounds delish

  7. But adorable is your sad little sick girl?? I love the photos of her pottering away in the garden.

  8. That sounds so familiar, but I think I cry more, usually on the phone to Justine (poor Justine).

    Roasted eggplant? Yum yum YUM!
    xx N

  9. Thank you everyone, for the sympathy! My machine is still in the shop, but the kids are completely recovered! Now I just need to shake this cold that has settled in for the long haul ... ah, winter is here!


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