Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013: The Sewing Round-Up.

I've been enjoying reading everyone else's year-end round-ups, so here are my sewing hits and misses of 2013! (By the way, I am annoyed by still getting used to Flickr's new look for embedded photographs ... )

Joe: His Favorite/Most Worn

Joe definitely wears his mama-made t-shirts most often, and his train t-shirt is a regular favorite. Joe helped design this t-shirt, so it's no wonder that he loves it so much. If this shirt is clean, Joe wants to wear it.

Joe: My Favorite(s)

While Joe definitely wears his mama-made t-shirts and PJs the most, my favorite items of the year were a bit more challenging. Although it took Joe a really long time to warm up to them, I loved sewing his navy and orange Coastal Cargos. These pants are super nice, inside and out, and I am really proud of them. I also really enjoyed sewing Joe's corduroy Art Museum Trousers, because hello, welt pockets! The fact that I made them on my sister's old and cranky machine added to the "challenge" factor. Best of all, Joe loves these pants, probably because the fabric is so soft and comfortable.

Joe: Fail

Ugh. So sad. Joe took a dislike to these fantastic Parsley pants immediately and never even tried them on. So I passed them on to my niece Helen, but apparently she is going through a dresses phase and also refuses to wear them. So these pants have never been worn by anyone. Sob.

Maggie: Most Worn

Maggie grew a lot this year, so it's hard to pick out one "most-worn" item. Her most worn pattern, however, was clear. Titchy Threads' "Fancy Pants" came out clearly in the lead this past year. I made Maggie a half dozen pairs, and she wears/wore them to death. They work great as pajama pants or leggings, they sew up super quickly, they are very comfortable (no elastic waist!), and the bum panel is cute and a great way to use knit scraps. I see many more of these in Maggie's future.

Maggie: My Favorite(s)

My favorite little girl makes of the year weren't necessarily the most worn or most practical, but they were definitely the most piped. The little dress and pinafore that I made from a vintage pattern turned out supremely impractical and supremely adorable. And of all of the Geranium Dresses I made this past year, my personal favorite is the "piped-to-within-an-inch-of-its-life" version I made for Maggie. I am sad to say that Maggie has now outgrown this little top/dress, but I am not at all sad to have to make another one!

Maggie: Fail

This is one I never blogged. I made Maggie an Ice Cream Dress this past summer, in size 12-18 months. It was huge on her. It is still huge on her. I don't know where I went wrong, but I'm pretty sure I did go wrong somewhere. Then, after wearing the dress only a couple times when there was nothing else to wear, the button loop broke. And I decided that puce green, one of my favorite colors on myself, looks pretty much terrible with Maggie's more olive complexion. It's tough to make a baby as cute as Maggie look terrible, but this shade of puke puce green comes pretty darn close. So now it's in the mending pile and I am unmotivated to fix it. As Kurt Vonnegut would say, "So it goes."

Me: Most Worn


Hands down, my most worn me-made item this year was the Briar top. I made three versions, and they all saw a lot of wear, but this pretty paisley version got the most love, mostly because the weight of the knit is so perfect and season-less. It is a bit heavier than most rayon knits, but drapes well and washes great. I wear it to work under a cardigan regularly.

I also wore my Hummingbird and Kelly skirts a lot while the weather was warmer. Yay for basics!

Me: Favorite(s)

Ah. I miss summer! This Bess Top and my Eucalypt-variation Dress are both so pleasant to wear. Neither was complicated or particularly challenging to sew, but in both cases, I am in love with the fabric. I will definitely be revisiting both of these patterns, which really showcase a lovely print, when the weather warms up again.

Me: Fail

Remember this? Barf. I don't want to talk about it.

Sewing Goals, 2014.

I am not a big one for New Years Resolutions, especially when it comes to sewing, since I try hard to keep my hobbies from becoming like a job, or like a chore. But I do have a couple ideas for 2014:
  1.  Keep sewing for myself. I made some really nice things for myself in 2013. There was some trial and error, and it wasn't always easy or straightforward, but I want to keep at it, keep learning, and maybe even participate in Me-Made-May one of these years.
  2. Learn how to sew a zip fly. If I'm going to keep sewing pants for Joe, this will be a necessary skill, either this year or next.
  3. Involve Joe in more collaborative sewing projects. Some of my biggest Joe successes this past year were partially Joe-designed, and I want to keep this up.
  4. Maybe, just maybe, let Joe play around a bit with the sewing machine. 
  5. Sew some new patterns from my bulging stash, especially the vintage patterns and the as yet untried Oliver + s patterns.
  6. Either use my older fabric pieces, or say goodbye. A decade is quite long enough to be sitting in a stash, thank you very much.
  7. Learn to smock. I have made a little progress with this, but haven't dared to try an actual garment yet.
  8. Do some more quilting. I am currently halfway through piecing two quilts. Although I am notoriously slow at quilts, I would like to finish at least one of them this year.
But none of this is hard and fast. The main goal is to have fun and do whatever I feel like. Maybe I'll spend the whole year making bunny rabbits, who knows? Or maybe sewing will take a back seat to gardening or cooking or hang-gliding or lawyering? I'm open to the possibilities. Here's to a new year, my friends! Thank you for reading my blog and being so awesome.

Check out this interesting article on the history of Old Lang Syne.


  1. if there was a 'most entertaining' category for end of year blog posts, it would definitely go to you. i loved this so much! you had a great year, Inder!
    oh and i wanted to tell you - regarding Flickr - if you click on 'html' and keep the size on medium 640 it won't embed onto your blog. but if you select 800 or higher, it does. (i was frustrated by this new feature as well.) :/
    Happy New Year and all the best in 2014!

  2. Love it! And her face in the ice cream dress? priceless. Happy New Year, I'm excited to see more!) Now I'm gonna totally go do my own round up!! :)

  3. Happy New Year! I love seeing the hits and misses from 2013. Hopefully, 2014 will be full of hits and very few misses.;)

  4. Love this post Inder- you did some seriously fabulous sewing this year :-)
    Happy new year to you too x

  5. Such a great year-end wrap up! That piped geranium is just gorgeous (I love me some piping) and you've definitely inspired me to get around to making some fancy pants leggings! I've been saving all my knit scraps for making new undies, but perhaps I'll need to move them over to the fancy pants leggins pattern instead.
    And, much like everyone else, I'm definitely motivated to sew more from my stash this year...we'll see how it goes...

  6. You sewed a LOT -- I'm very impressed! I love your taste in fabric and design. Maggie's "fail" face is awesome, though I have to say that in my eyes, your "fails" are runaway successes! I guess it all comes down to the wearer, though... Your sewing resolutions are great -- you've inspired me to make a list of my own, though then I'll have to live up to it :(

  7. Ha ha ha, 'puke' green. Did you chose that photo on purpose?
    Great sewing Inder and impressive with two tiny littles and working.

    Health wealth and happiness for the New Year!
    xx N

  8. I think the Icecream Dress fail for Maggie was worth it for that photo alone! I too have zip-fly on my wish-list... think maybe it was last year too??


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