Saturday, December 7, 2013

Angry Birds.

Angry birds masks.

I made a set of Angry Birds felt masks for Joe's preschool fundraising auction. I chose Angry Birds because that's Joe's current obsession, so I hoped it would be popular with the preschool set.

Of course, I tried them out on my "focus group" of one, Joe.

Angry birds masks.

Angry birds masks.

This is what loves look likes.

What true love looks like.

They were a hit.

Joe in a mask.

So it's probably not surprising that poor Joe had a massive meltdown when I sent them with Steve to the auction. He was consoled only by promises that I would make him his own set. Right away.

More felt-sewing for me!


  1. They look great Inder! Felt is lovely to work with isn't it. And we have that problem here too - someone gets something made for them, a copy has to be made :-) Still, it's a big compliment to you from Joe!

  2. Look at those eyes! How could you not make him his own :)

  3. That is love indeed.
    Very clever. What are Angry Birds? I have seen a few girls use them. Is it a tv program or a video game?

    1. It's an iphone app/video game, basically. It's all the rage these days! Keeps Joe wonderfully entertained in waiting rooms and in the car. :-)

    2. Thank you!
      Crappy country internet so I still have an old style phone. I get an 'app' is like a program for your phone?
      Yes, I am that sad.

      I would love a phone that takes nice photos.

  4. you rocked it, mama! and that last photo of joe's eyes? wow. just WOW!


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