Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Machine Trouble.

My sewing machine: After three weeks in the shop and a bill for $105, I took it home this weekend only to discover that it is still broken, in the exact same way it was when I first dropped it off.  The shop had told me it was all tuned up and fixed, but even the sample stitching that came back with the machine showed the tension problems that I had initially complained about.

So it is back in the shop, and I am almost too upset to discuss. Hopefully they can rectify the situation and give me back my sewing machine in less than a month. Needless to say, this throws a wrench in any Christmas sewing plans I might have had.

I have done what any sane person would do under these circumstances: I have started scouring Craiglist and eBay for a "new" machine. Preferably a fabulous mid-century vintage model in excellent working order. I have a couple of leads, but nothing is final yet. I am currently debating the relative merits of a Singer Featherweight and an Elna Grasshopper ...

In the meantime, I am continuing to sew on my sister's Singer 9005, which is teaching me to appreciate (1) one step buttonholes (none of my Singer button hole attachments fit on it); (2) quiet motors (this thing makes the house shake); (3) nice looking stitches. Sigh. If I have ever said anything along the lines of "it doesn't matter what kind of machine you sew with so long as it does straight stitch and possibly zig-zag" I am truly sorry and I assure you I am doing penance right now. My sister's machine probably just needs a tune-up, but that's a sore subject right now.


  1. oh Inder i am so sorry. the same thing happened to me when i had my first machine - a Brother- repaired. it cost $85 (the machine new costs $150) and it was still functioning in the exact same way as before I brought it in. so disappointing. craigslist is a brilliant idea! i hope you find something awesome.

  2. Truly sorry Inder - it's bad enough being without your machine for one lot of repairs, but for it to come back the same - :-(

  3. Oh poo bum bugger, etcetera!! Hmm the Featherweight is only a straight-stitcher though, but would that be okay along with your serger? How about those nifty bar-tacks you've been putting on boy-pants, hmm? Oh don't get me wrong I too have been tempted by those pretty little Featherweights and Grasshoppers, but I don't think I could cope without a zigzag. But that's just me. And what's another pretty machine in the collection anyway :D I'm so sorry about your current machine. I sure hope they don't charge to fix it properly this time. Hmm, how about one of those old 'Rocketeer' Singers? Or I can certainly recommend a 319 (or two). Careful though, you just might end up a crazy person talking endlessly about sewing machines in comments on other people's blogs....


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