Tuesday, January 28, 2014

This is the post ...

Wherein I acknowledge that it is Day #2 of KCW.

Wherein I confess that so far, I have sewed exactly 0 hours.

Wherein I determine (counting on my fingers) that I probably won't be sewing any hours (or fractions thereof) for the rest of the week due to normal busy-ness (full time job, night meetings) and extra-special busy-ness (various and sundry social events).

Wherein I reluctantly accept that it's just not happening for me this winter.


But, believe me, I will read all of your posts and watch your creations with delight and envy!

With you in spirit,


  1. oh man Inder, I can so relate. our house flooded and we have to replace most of our flooring on our main level + move out for two weeks. so KCW is on the bottom of my list this week, too. i think i can only manage two KCWs/year. so i will have to go all out this spring! :)
    this post made me smile! :)

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