Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Just checking in.

Hello, readers. Things have been very busy around here, but not busy with sewing. Frankly, I'm not feeling inspired to sew right now. I started a pair of Jacob Pants for Joe for KCW, and I got as far as the pin tucks, darts, and pockets, and then I stalled. Something is psychically holding me up - maybe it's having to change the serger thread (it's not that bad, I don't know why it always feels like such a hurdle), or that I don't like the way the pockets are finished (I got to the part about finishing the pockets and was like ... "Seriously? Seriously? No way."), or a growing sense I have that I am just not in love with the way this pattern is written.  There is a lot of jumping around in the instructions, and all for a pair of pants that look a lot like the Parsley Pants but are more complicated to make. Hrm.

I dunno. I think I will finish them. But I am uninspired.

Then sometime last week, I had one of those moments at work where I realized I was totally overloaded.  It is funny how it tends to creep up on a person - for weeks, I am aware of being very busy, and having a long to-do list, and of being a bit behind. But then one or two things go slightly differently than planned, and BAM, it's official. I cannot do it all and I need to reach out for help from my colleagues and pull in some outside help and do some reprioritizing. Things are much calmer again. It happens, it's not that big a deal, it is part of the job - I try to plan for contingencies, but you can't plan for everything. But when it happens, other things in my life tend to go on hold for a bit while I get it all sorted out.

I did reorganize our desk and get our tax stuff together. And I cleaned the area under the sink and inside the microwave. That was gnarly! So I have been making some progress with my New Year's resolution to get a little more control over my house and my stuff. Hopefully this process will help clear more mental space for creativity.

And Joe and I both got haircuts. Joe enjoyed the process of getting his hair cut a whole lot less than I did (sensory hell, anyone? it was awful!), but it's over now and we're looking good!

Just truckin' along over here!


  1. Cute haircuts! And glad to hear that things are feeling more balanced again. As for the pants, I look forward to hearing your final assessment. That pattern kept popping up on KCW and it looked interesting. Have you make the parsley pants before?

  2. Awe, you guys look fantastic! Hopefully life calms down a big t soon and your sewing mojo comes back! And I'm embarrassed to even think what the area under my sink looks like...

  3. You both look great. Give Joe a little hug for me. See you this weekend.

  4. I just cleaned out our freezer! And I was thinking 'I want to tell Inder' :D So I say YAY to your inside microwave and under sink jobs. WELL DONE! And sorry you've been feeling overwhelmed. I am glad you have been able to delegate and sort it out a bit. And great haircuts!


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