Monday, October 6, 2014

Goings on.

Just popping in to share what I've been working on this week.

WIP: Living room progress

Work on our living room (with requisite naked baby!) continues. We bought and installed the giant and enormously practical entertainment center we have been hankering after for years. What a difference it makes!! Of course we might need a larger television set eventually, I'm sure my husband wouldn't complain. So many problems solved with this piece. There is still a lot of work to be done in this room, and it may go a bit more slowly from here on (among other things, our budget needs some time to recover!), but ahhhhh, it is already so much better!

New sewing/crochet nook

And look, my new set-up has space for my handwork/craft supplies and books!

Rejected Parsley Pants

Here's a sad story: I made these awesome green convertible Parsley Pants to Joe's very particular specifications (green with yellow star buttons), but when it was time to try them on, he declared that they were both too small (too tight) and too big (too long). To be fair, size 5 was a bit snug in the ahem, crotch area (the length was perfect in my opinion) but still. I was so hurt and stricken. Joe is really hard to sew for. He is so very fickle, and perhaps I am too sensitive. It's a bad combination. He does love some of things I've sewn for him in the past year but with the number of items he ends up rejecting, I often wonder if it's worth it to even try anymore. Of course, when he does love something, it's all the sweeter, but ugh, the rejection!! It sucks!

So I posted this photo on Facebook, and offered the awesome green pants with yellow stars (remind you of the sneetches?) up to anyone with a skinny/smaller side size 5 kid, and the many nice responses and offers to take them off my hands did soothe my bruised ego somewhat. So that's something! Off they go to a more grateful recipient!

Fabrics for Maggie Projects

The pants bummed me out for a bit, but I have learned that it is best to move on quickly from sewing failures/heartbreak! Recently Maggie has expressed a strong preference for pink. Everything has to be pink, from her socks on up! I promise I did nothing to encourage this; if anything I discouraged it, which is probably why she's picked it up, right? You can't win! But in the interest of reducing morning dressing battles, she clearly needs more pink clothes. So I stopped by the fabric store and picked up a few fabrics that are pink, but still tasteful enough that I won't gag trying to sew them. Maggie spotted the Heather Ross frogs from about a mile away at the fabric store and freaked out over them ("pink! frog! pink! frog!"). I had to bribe her to let go of the fabric so that I could prewash it! Right now I'm seeing that being used for a long-sleeved 2+2 blouse and the berry chambray becoming sandbox pants.

I can't quite decide what to do with the Kaffe Fassett striped pink - perhaps an Ice Cream dress? Playtime dress? Geranium? Hide and Seek dress? Or a blouse or tunic version of any of the above? Hmmmm.

I love planning projects, don't you? I just wish I had more time to execute my plans. Of course, it would probably help if I spent less time drooling over blogs/planning/shopping and more time actually sewing? But let's be realistic, shall we?


Another good way to recover from kid-inflicted sewing heartbreak is to sew something for yourself, right? I know autumn is coming, we are having a blazing week of Indian summer right now, with the temperatures in the high 80s, so all I can think about are light and breezy clothes! And I figure an Alder Shirtdress would look good with leggings and sweaters as the temperatures cool down ... this is my first time trying a Grainline pattern and I'm excited!

Learning to crochet!

Oh, and in addition to making a Grandmother's Garden Quilt, hexie pillow, and embroidered apron, I'm teaching myself to crochet. No bigs, right? Yep: I am nothing if not logical, sane, and rational when it comes to crafting projects. That's me!

Do you have a couple (or a thousand) WIPs? Tell me about them!


  1. Wow! You do have a lot going on! I love your new entertainment center. It looks great and I'm sure you love all that new storage space! I currently have a mini quilt going that was part of a sewalong and I'm 2 months behind. Oops! I also have two other quilts waiting to be quilted and a half finished bean bag/floor pillow thing. I also need to get serious about whether I'm making Halloween costumes for the boys! I just want to finish something this week!!

  2. Congratulations on your new TV unit - you can never have too much storage, in my opinion. In fact, if you have enough storage you can tuck your abandoned WIPs (or even rejected green pants) away in a cupboard and conveniently forget about them. Which is not what I do - I just leave them in a big pile on my sewing table, where they may or may not be rediscovered eventually... among them are some fabrics waiting to be made into cushion covers, a not-quite-finished pair of shorts and a few things in 'pre-production' for kids clothes week.

    The green pants are lovely and re-homing them sounds a good solution. And I really like your not-barbie-pink fabrics - I vote hide and seek dress for the stripes.

  3. I am so sorry about the lovely green pants. I too sew for a boy of volatile tastes. The crochet is awesome!

  4. Now there's a good reason for using Facebook if ever I heard one. Glad your ego's had a massaging. Kids can really knock you down sometimes.
    I think we may be moving out of the pink phase at our place (yay). For the stripes, I'd vote Playtime dress with some flat piping in a solid colour around the waist. hide and Seek would be lovely too.
    Good luck with your Alder dress

  5. Love your home updates because we are going through the same thing. We are getting our first new furniture ever a couch and a chair on Monday. I am praying that my five year old doesn't wipe his after dinner face on them like he did tonight on the couch. Why use the napkin in front of you when you can run in the other room and use a chair? I love those pants. My husband is picky which is why I've never made him anything. That striped fabric is going to be so cute whatever you do. I have so many wip's I've lost count - the most current ones I've touched are a quilt, smocked dress, granny square blanket, knitted socks, Christmas stocking.

  6. Love your living room! I ma sorry about the pants too (yes they do remind me of the sneetchs, awesome!) My older boys were the same way for along time. I just had to figure out their favorite fit and what they liked. It only took y about three years. ;-)

    Oh and the Grainline pattern is on the top of my wish list! Lucky you, I cannot wait to see what you make with pattern!

  7. Look at all that new storage! That must feel so great and totally change that room. And those granny squares! I was so tempted to learn to order a kit and learn to crochet to make a blanket. But then I remembered that I already have a few kits and oh so many patterns and I held off. At least for now :)

  8. Oh Inder I just love reading about your happenings! I actually almost never have more than one project going at once. That would stress me out. While I can multitask fairly well, I really don't like it - at all. Sometimes people ask how I have time to sew. I make time because I really thrive on having a small amount of time where I can be completely focused and absorbed in my work. At home I am always being stretched, always needed, always pulled in a million different directions. And if I don't balance that with some time of focus, I am left feeling fragmented and uncentered.
    I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of pink either, but your picks are gorgeous. I really love them. I guess the key is choosing the right shade of pink. I think in this culture girls inevitably pick up the pink/purple love. Indigo did and Tia still does. But it will probably pass. Indigo tells me her favorite color is now blue (ha- ironic given her name!) - but specifically turquoise.

  9. I love those pants! Bummer he didn't like them but at least you can still sew fun girl clothes! Miette loves pink right now as well but she's also happy to wear other colors. And that frog fabric is just great!

  10. I know Zoe would just love the frog fabric as well. She has a paricular soft spot for all things frog and pig for some reason. Before she was born I swore I would not dress her in pink... That didn't last long! Between gifts and what is available in the store and now her own preferences coming into play it is a long lost battle. Maybe if I can find more time to sew and find frog and pig fabric for everything...but pig fabric with no pink is probably not too realistic either. Love your livingroom solution! It really looks great!

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