Wednesday, December 10, 2014

A mother's love.

Oh, Joe.

Oh, Joe.

Oh, Joe.

"I like you and I love you a lot, mama."

"I love you a lot - a lot - too, Joe!"

"You love me more than I love you, mama."

*gasp* "What? ... " *rueful chuckle* "Yeah, probably ... "

"I love you 150. But you love me 30,000." (He's really into quantifying everything right now.)

"Really? How so?"

"Yeah, because you are always kissing and hugging and squeezing me. But I don't like being kissed and squeezed that much."


(But seriously, can you really blame me for wanting to kiss those cheeks?)


  1. This is great, Inder! Actually, I now know what he means. I hug and kiss my kids all the time too, but Iris is the first to love to do it back. She smooshes my cheeks and kisses my lips, or just kisses my cheeks. Can't say that I'm the biggest fan. This is a case where it really is more blessed to give than to receive. :)

  2. cute! We've got a similar thing going that started out with loving you "this much mum" (arms spread wide) and has now progressed to "all the way to the moon, 100 orbits and back" and then on it goes into the furthest reaches of the galaxy.
    tricky part is, I have to try and remember the order of the planets to avoid offending by saying that I only love them to Mars and back, when they've already said Jupiter!

  3. He is adorable! Those cheeks and those eyes!! Luke, my 4 year old, has started wiping off his cheeks after I kiss him. It won't stop me, of course!

  4. Can't blame you a bit! Such great photos of him too. :-) Eli likes to say, "I love you so much it just doesn't even fit in the whole entire universe!"

  5. He's getting so big! Kiss away!


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