Friday, April 10, 2015

KCW and some Spring and Summer Pinterest planning.

Well, I signed up for this Spring's KCW. As usual, it's a busy week for me, so we'll see how I do, but I thought it would be a good motivator to focus on whipping up a few things for the kids this month. So right now I'm in planning mode.

I love Pinterest, don't you? My friend and I were talking recently about how we think it might be our favorite social media. I have groomed my feed pretty well (for me, this means I religiously unfollow boards that deal with dieting, working out, getting or being skinny, and, I admit, collections of religious and inspirational quotes) so it's mostly filled with lovely things. I like to open it late at night after my kids have fallen asleep, and go to my "happy place" of pretty things, sewing and craft projects. I also use it to keep track of great things I see on blogs or elsewhere on the internet and want to remember later.

I have a board of general children's wear but it has grown to ungainly proportions, so for purposes of more practical sewing planning for the next few months, I started boards to collect photos or ideas for items that I would like to do sooner rather than later. I have one board for Maggie, and one for Joe (I also started one for selfish sewing, but that will have to be the subject of a different blog post). It's still an ambitious collection and I'll never sew all the things, but it's definitely more manageable. And since I'm on a budget, my focus with these boards was to find items that could be made with patterns and materials that I already have.

Click on my little Pinterest widgets to go to my boards, and then click on the images to see the source. I hope no one minds me using these inspiration images (if so, please let me know!). I know that different bloggers, etc., have different comfort levels with being "pinned" and I try to respect those wishes. Let me know if I messed up!

So let's talk sewing planning for Joe for KCW and beyond!

Joe's Spring/Summer theme is ... wait for it ... you'll be shocked ... t-shirts and shorts! Hahaha. As in, the only clothing he ever wears. Crazy, right? But there are some other concepts here as well:
  • Color blocked t-shirts. Not only is color blocking fun and lively to look at, but it will help me use up scraps! Yay! I have two TNT t-shirt patterns for Joe these days: a rather squarish Ottobre tee (scroll to the bottom of that post), and the Field Trip Raglan. These two patterns pretty much cover all of my t-shirt needs and they are already traced out and ready to go in Joe's size. 
  • Pockets. Joe likes shirts with pockets so why not make that colorful contrasting pockets? Maybe with flaps and buttons?
  • Henley - I would like to try a henley tee for Joe one of these days, Ottobre has a really great looking pattern.
  • More knit shorts with ribbed waistbands. Joe is wearing his bright rainbow shorts everytime they are clean, so that was a huge win! I need to make more pairs, hopefully with more colorful details. I am also wondering if Joe might be willing to try woven shorts if I put a knit waistband on them. I am considering trying that with the Sketchbook shorts pattern in a soft fabric to start.
  • Raglan sweatshirt. I want to use the Field Trip pattern to make Joe a classic raglan sweatshirt. I have some plain navy sweatshirt fleece, but it definitely needs "something" to make it more fun and interesting. Thoughts?
  • Flannel shirt. Ambitious and may not happen, but I would love to sew Joe an oversized flannel shirt to wear over his play clothes using the trusty Sketchbook shirt ... 
Okay, that's a lot, and look, Maggie's board is even more ambitious! Haha, allow me to dream, okay? Girls are fun to sew and to Pin for, clearly! I will never be able to make all of these things, but it sure is fun plotting and scheming.

Maggie's board is more specifically pattern-themed, with a focus on patterns I have - there are an embarrassing number of little girls' patterns I have bought but not yet sewn as well as many old favorites I really want to make again. Let's put a dent in that pile, shall we?

  • T-shirts. I have never made a Flashback Skinny tee for Maggie! She's small for her age but I think I can work with the 2T now. I'm thinking a "ringer" style tee or maybe a simple tee with puffed sleeves.
  • Pants/Trousers. I would love to make Maggie some simple Sailboat pants in denim (if she can tolerate the lack of pink), and I really want to try a pair of Sketchbook pants for her, lengthened and pegged a bit.  She is also almost big enough for some Parsley pants, which I would like to straighten into little patterned stovepipes like this.
  • Knit dress. I really want to revisit the Little Betty pattern for Maggie, and make it into a dress. Did you see the gorgeous one in Stylo a while back? Or what about a lengthened Sailboat top?
  • Never-sewn patterns to consider: The Hide and Seek, the Franklin Dress, the Garden Party, the Hopscotch Skirt, oh my, the list just goes on and on! 
  • Pinnies. Oh, the cute pinafores!! I can't stand them! I would love to make one or two of these for Maggie, and they can double as sundresses.
Okay, now I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed! Too many wonderful ideas, not enough time! I'll probably pare this down to, I don't know, two or three garments for KCW.  I do have a job, after all!!

Are you planning for S/S (F/W for you Aussies) 2015 kid sewing? What's on your to-make list?


  1. Just followed you on Pinterest. I can't wait to see what you make for KCWC. I signed up too with aim of sewing another Cosi swimsuit for my oldest - I think I'll be lucky if I get one item sewn up, but we'll see.

  2. Pinterest can really blur the line between inspiration & planning! So hard to pare it down to just a few things. Good luck!

  3. I love these plans....but mostly I'm just impressed that you have a plan! Girl, you are on the ball!

  4. One day I will join, it never seems to work for me. I used to be utterly hopeless at keeping on task so now I make myself start and finish a project. So, I Just Can't break my rota.

    I love Pinterest so much, I don't buy magazines so it is my downtime when feeding (and feeding and feeding)
    I do love your style and cruise your boards frequently.
    xx N

  5. I vote a full rainbow stripe outfit for Joe! He can wear it when the chevrons are in the wash. And I'm totally with you on unfollowing anything fitness related, inspirational quotes (inspirational fitness quotes double yuk) and also for me, anything using the word 'paleo' and of course 'life hacks'. Cute sewing stuff though, bring it on.

  6. So many great ideas here! I haven't used Pinterest much lately because I feel overwhelmed with ideas. I just need to actually get some things sewn but I'm finding it hard to focus. But looking at your boards was such fun that I may have to do some more "planning" before deciding on my KCW projects and cutting fabric. I look forward to seeing what you create! O has already started to holler when I put him in non-comfy pants so I'll be keeping an eye on Joe's sewing!

  7. I have to agree with Elizabeth. I tend to go in spurts with Pinterest- stockpiling ideas but then needing to take a break to execute. Sounds like your KCW is going to be EPIC! :D


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