Saturday, November 21, 2015

Two Grainline Hemlocks.

Hello friends! I have a new favorite free t-shirt pattern! Yup, you guessed it - it's the Grainline Hemlock Tee, a simple boxy tee shirt. I actually made this ages ago, but didn't blog it right away - instead, I've just been wearing it every time it shows up in the clean laundry basket. Which is why it's a bit crumpled here, I just yanked it out of the clean laundry and threw it on! Ha! 

If this fabric seems familiar, it's because I used it to make a Plantain t-shirt last year. Another great free t-shirt pattern for women! That shirt is still in regular rotation but much faded and worn from constant use and looking a bit shabby. Still, I can't complain, this is a really nice quality knit fabric, and holds up to washing and drying and wearing really well. In all seriousness, I wear my me-made t-shirts more than any other items in my wardrobe. Knit shirts aren't the most interesting thing to sew for myself (or blog about, for that matter), but I wear them to death.

Again, sorry it's so crumpled! Ugh! The Hemlock tee is basically simple rectangles, but with a little bit of shaping. For this versions, I cut the sleeves off just past the elbows and gave the shirt a little bit of a high-low hem. It looks nice over skinny jeans or trousers or tucked into a skirt and under a blazer. And of course, it's super forgiving and comfortable. No wonder I wear it so much!

I don't have much to say about the "instructions," because there aren't any, just a sew-along. Which I didn't even look at! For someone with a basic knowledge of t-shirt making, instructions are not necessary for this pattern. 

I love this version so much, I wanted to make another one and make some progress on stash busting as well, so I whipped one up in this soft rayon tissue knit I've had in my stash forever. The quality of this fabric isn't as great as the one above, but I love the print and it's very soft and comfortable on.

I cut the hem straight across and the sleeves longer on this one, which honestly I don't like as well as the shorter sleeves and high-low hem, but I was short on fabric. Because of the very light, tissue weight knit, this one looks especially nice tucked into a skirt under a blazer, and the colorful print is just the thing to break up a black suit while providing a bit of extra warmth (as opposed to a shell) on cool days. Because this fabric isn't as stretchy as the blue and red floral above, the neckline turned out a bit wider and I do have to adjust it to avoid showing a bra strap. For this reason, it's best under a cardigan or blazer.

When I stand like this, it definitely accentuates my top-heavy figure, but it is helpful for seeing the simple shape of this tee. When I drop my arms, the dropped shoulders and drapey volume are actually quite flattering I think.

This is the best pattern! There are definitely more of these in my future!


  1. These look so nice! I need to revisit this pattern. I made one out of some fabric with very little stretch and it didn't fit quite right. I love the idea of the high low hem. Now I'm wondering how it would look with a shirt-tail type hem. I might have to try that!

  2. I can see why you wear them all the time - they look so comfy! I like the shorter sleeves and the hi-lo hem adds interest on the first one. I really like the fabric on the second one too.

    Being able to make my own tshirts is one of my very favorite things about sewing. I remember the first time I did it (Maria Denmark Kirsten Kimono, 2.5 years ago), I thought I had done something magical. They are so quick to sew, so forgiving, and for me, what I wear on a daily basis. Wins all around!

  3. Love this pattern too! Both of your prints are really fun in this style! I've been thinking about a shirt tail hem for this too - extra coverage for my growing belly... ;-)

  4. I just made five (!) shirts just like this from a simplicity pattern. It pretty much is the exact same pattern- rectangles. I know the hemlock is free, but I loathe pdf's with a passion :) I have worn them non-stop the past few weeks. I'm actually thinking about trying to photograph them today. We'll see... I love both of the prints you used! And I really like the wider neckline on the second. I think it fits the shape well.

  5. What a great tee and a great post. Thank you Inder.

  6. Beautiful and unique. Loved the pattern of you T-shirt.
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