Saturday, March 12, 2016

Wind-blown Lisette top.

 Hi friends! We're in the middle of another wave of El Niño storms, but I took advantage of a break in the rain to take a few pictures of this simple new top I made for myself. This is Butterick 6182, a great Lisette pattern with a boxy top and pleated a-line skirt. I've made this top once before and I really love the boxy shape in a flowy fabric.

My first version was in a bold print, so I wanted to try this pattern in a solid fabric that would show off the center seam and little centered darts better. I picked this tomato red drapey rayon twill up from the remnant bin at Hart's Fabric in when I stopped by Santa Cruz almost a year ago now. It has been ear-marked for this pattern since the beginning but I only got around to making it now!

Like my first version, I cut this out in a size 12, grading to a 14 at the waist (it's a loose top, so I'm not sure this makes much difference). Like my first version, I cut the back on the fold rather than having a center-back seam as well as a center-front seam. But this time I scooped out the neckline a bit more (my first is so high in the front it bothers me a little), and added a lot of length. I cut the hem near the hip marking on the dress pattern piece, and then turned it up and made a two inch hem. I like the extra weight this gives the hem and the longer length is still a bit cropped but easier to wear than the very cropped length marked on the pattern.

 The top looks like it has a slight hi-lo hem in these pictures, but I think the real issue is that it could use a full bust adjustment (sigh). Oh well, it's cute with the fake hi-low hem, right? No way I am going to do an FBA on a top this simple and boxy! Not going to happen!

Of all of the items I sew for myself, I wear the tops the most, hands down. I tend to wear separates more than dresses, and I always need nice blouses to pair with pants, skirts, and blazers or sweaters for work. This isn't the most exciting make on the planet, but it is exactly the sort of thing I love to wear! I am not sure I would call it Flattering with a capital "F" worn like this, but that's what blazers are for!

It was a little too windy for a photo shoot!

Haha! Glamorous, right?!

My nails just happened to match my top! Totally unplanned! (Jamberry nail wraps! Have you tried them? I like have "done" nails but I don't like the smell or mess of nail polish or supporting a troubling industry, so Jamberries are perfect for me! I'm a weirdo and prefer solid colors though.)

A couple hours after this photo was taken, rain is coming down in sheets. Again. All this rain is great for California, but it does make it hard for me to record and blog my makes in a timely manner! 

And here it is with the requisite cardigan and my best "resting bitch face." Haha! Posing for blog photos is such a challenge, right? I mean, some people just have that modeling thing. I am not one of those people but I force myself to do this for you, lovely friends, because I know I like to see garments on an actual person! So here you go! Y'all should know by now that awesome modeling in front of enviably lovely and impeccably clean backgrounds is just not my bag. If you see this face in real life, I'm probably trying to smile politely but thinking "are you freaking kidding me right now?" Now you know.

This is such a great, basic top!

Have you embraced the loose and boxy top trend?


  1. Inder, it's great! The color is fabulous on you, and your neckline and lengthening mods are spot on. I find that I lower the necklines on at least half the tops I sew - I think when the boobs are on the larger side the neckline needs to drop a bit. At least on me.

  2. I love reading your blog! It's always so engaging. This reminds me of the Bento top maybe? I made two of those and wore them a lot and got lots of compliments on them too. I think they are more flattering in real life than in photos. I don't think the boxy/flowy look freezes well, you know?

  3. Great shirt! I would wear this all the time. Oh, I even have this pattern but haven't made it yet... Will save your version as inspiration as I love the color and drape of the rayon. Thanks for modeling it between rain storms!

  4. Love that look! That color's beautiful.

    I adore the loose/boxy look. Since my third baby left me looking permanently six months pregnant, it's about all I wear, lol. Thank goodness the unfitted look is on trend!

  5. P.S. I remember trying to photograph props for a blogpost in natural light and having it take WEEKS, maybe MONTHS, because of the dim Northwest winters. The struggles we bloggers go through, hey? ;)

  6. I am surprised that you escaped Hart's without investing in the Grainline Studio Scout Tee pattern. The staff there has made many versions of it. As with your boxy T, I cut it longer than the pattern suggests.

  7. Ha! Taking blog photos is also the bane of my existence! I have a bunch of things I've never taken photos of...and probably never will. And yay for simple, practical garments that look great! They definitely get worn the most around here too.

  8. I'm so worried now that one day we'll meet, and I'll be talking away, and then notice, a moment too late, that you're giving me the "resting bitch face"
    - my husband is a master of it, so I'm pretty immune by now!
    Love the colour and I absolutely appreciate seeing it modelled. Go you!

  9. It is a nice colour on you and I bet it goes nice under a blazer for work.
    xx N

  10. I have had this pattern in my stash for ages but I haven't gotten to it yet. I am totally on board with loose, boxy tops so I want to make this eventually. The red is so pretty on you!

  11. I love your new top! I do appreciate that you show us your clothes on a real person, too. ;)

  12. Oh so much goodness, I LOVE that sweet dress and all your color picks!! Thant plus size top looks so pretty on you.. i am going to search wholesale plus size clothing for me.. :D I always love your style.. Youre my inspiration..

  13. You definitely chose the perfect fabric! I would totally wear that top over and over again: it is a great coordinate. I particularly like your "too windy" pic, by the way -- it's like a send-up of artfully tousled models and fan-blown hair...

    R. saw me admiring this post and he asked who you were, and I said, "My internet friend." He said he thought you looked very nice.


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