Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Me Made May Part 1.

Um, yeah, it is May 24, and I'm just now getting around to posting my round-up of the first half of May. So it goes! The first half of May was a bit chilly, and I wasn't feeling well for much of it, so warmth and comfort reigned supreme.

First Row: (1) Lark Tee; (2) Maritime Top; (3) Bess Top and Pleated Pencil Skirt; (4) Maya Top; (5) Lisette B6182, Linden Sweatshirt and Hemlock Tee

Second Row: (1) Lark Tee; (2) Archer Shirt and Linden Sweatshirt, (3) Plantain Tee (now almost worn out) and Linden Sweatshirt (drapey charcoal french terry, unblogged); (4) Mabel Skirt (unblogged, basic black ponte); (5) Josephine Top

Third Row: (1) Lisette B6182 and Mabel Skirt (striped ponte, unblogged); (2) Plantain tee (remake) and Hudson Pants; (3) Briar Tee; (4) Manila Leggings; (5) Moji Pants and Lark Tee

So far, I've managed to wear me-mades every day of May, only copping out and wearing me-made pajamas once (so far). With me not feeling well and the chilly weather, this year's Me-Made-May definitely feels harder than last year's, and I started to hit "selfie fatigue" earlier in the month. I am also paranoid that I am boring the living daylights out of my non-sewing-instagram-friends! But I really enjoy seeing everyone else's #MMMay16 photos, so I'm taking one for the team. Seeing how everyone styles their me-mades is really interesting and fun, and gives me so many ideas for more selfish sewing. It's worth it!

Takeaway of MMMay Part 1: I wear t-shirts every chance I can get. What about you? What are your most-worn me-mades?


  1. I love your month so far -- you look comfy and put together! I also love how you're holding up a beer in lots of your pictures 😂

  2. I love seeing your Me Made May photos! It's always so amazing to me to think of having a handmade wardrobe. I am in awe of you guys!

  3. I love my tees, tees and jeans so not much use posting my me-mades.

  4. This is awesome i hope me made as an apparel gets positive reviews the most important about every process is the beginning all the best in your endavours


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